Monday, November 23, 2009

What Scholars say about karma

A big hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to all ma sweet darling buddies how are you doing ??????????????
Yesterday As we had a discussion about planetary positions and their effect in horoscope and in our life,i left it in between right ?So lets resume it again .
well many scholars say destiny is all written from birth to death.................where will our next birth and in which cunt,which planet in our horoscope take its place and what effect will have on our lives,hence On the basis of our deeds our destiny has been already written(good or bad deeds).............. in hindi these deeds are considered as karma and things which we get on the basis of karma are called fal.And according to them there are some peoplewho go through many problems or difficulties like .....insalubrity or disease (cancer,leprosy,Paralysis) where some face poverty,hunger and helplessness.One who has everything except peace and happiness and what is it,karma of our last birth and by which our destiny has been written before our this birth.Either good or bad we get the result of our last birth deeds in this birth,even not only this we get fal or result of our present deeds in this birth also.As there is a old saying "History repeats it self ".
Well this is something mysterious,and i am very much keen to know about.......astrology,palmistry,about birth and rebirth.....and that's why apart from ma other work i am keep on searching this mystery,i don't know about you people but somewhere i have extreme faith in it.
Well this is not the end of this discussion there is a lot to say about it but i have to push off cuz feeling sleepy will continue with the same topic till then take good care of your self,your family,friends and pets......miss me cuz i really miss and love me cuz ma love is alwayz there with you i love you all.Have beautiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams come true

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