Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Powerful Planets and their Strongest effect on zodiac signs

A very warm welcome to all ma sweet darling lubby dubby friends..............................So hows life going?cool like me no.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm alright
Well last night we had discussed about karma (deeds)and what scholars think about it.Today i will tell you about different effects of planet on zodiac signs................
There are certain planet like Mar,Jupiter,Mercury,Venus,Saturn,Moon,sun are considered as the most Powerful planets and each of them rule the particular zodiac sign which is called Swami in Hindi.Every planet has its different effect according to its nature......As far as Planet Mars is concerned so Mars is one of the most strongest planet(symbol of fearlessness)it rules the zodiac sign Aries and people of this sun sign are venturous,brave and straight forward, they don't fear anyone,
very ambitious,dedicated,hardworking and focused and a good speaker too.The color of Mars is red and the gem stone is Ruby and the deity is Kartike.The best career fields for them are Speaker,administrative officer,soldiers,police officer and public relation officer.In short we can say Ariens are born to rule.
Now lets talk about next planet which is Jupiter largest planet of solar system (very generous and powerful) .Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius the people of this sign are generous,excessive,extravagant and powerful,ideal.The gem stone is yellow Topas and deity is Lord Brahaspati and the color is yellow.As far as career matter is concerned so the best career option is in the field of philosophy,lecturer ship,sales.
Now come to the next planet and that is mercury which is the symbol of intelligence and high ambition ............the people whose zodiac signs are ruled by planet mercury are very much ambitious ,they always target long term goal,Diligent.Deity of this planet is Lord Vishnu. The gem stone is Aqua Marine and and the color is Green.The best career option are in the field of science,pharmacy,and business like restaurant,hotel,printing press,Medical.
Well our next planet is Venus .people whose zodiac signs rule by this planet are always sweet,diplomat,secretive and challenging and the special thing about them is ....they amass lot of money and property ,they involve in many relationship as they are very romantic by nature.The deity of this planet is goddess Laxmi , gem is Opel and diamond and the color is white.
The best career options for them are in media industries and hospitality.As they keep very strong social skills so they can also go with social work and politics.
If we talk about planet Saturn so it is one of the most beautiful planet among all the planets it is the symbol of anger and passion.People whose zodiac sign rule by this planet are passionate towards their aim and everything besides short temper and obstinate but on other hand they are emotional and sincere towards their work.The deity of this planet is Shani ,Gem stone is Sapphire and the color is blue and black.
Well if we talk about the career option then,law,business,politics are the best field to get success.

Now come to our next planet which is extremely beautiful and there are many songs sung on it and that is one and only Moon ................Moon is the planet which rules cancerians symbol of protectiveness cancerians are very much focused, straight,and less emotional they do what they want to do in their life.The deity of this planet is Lord Shiva,gem stone is pearl and the color is white,Best career options with cancerians are medical i.e doctor ,pharmacists,teacher,chef,.
Now we'll talk about our last but not the least planet Which is the planet of power,attraction and that is Sun ........king of all planets.Sun leads the zodiac sign Leo.
people with this zodiac sign are very interactive,challenging,short temper,dominating,they have the leadership quality,confidence is their strength presentable and as well as good cook.
The color is orange ,deity is sun and gemstone is onyx.
well the the best career options are law,dental,engineering,police service ,army,direction,politics,sports.
So these are the Most powerful planets which rule over Zodiac signs.well the discussion about astrology,planet, birth ,rebirth, karma are those topics which has no end.Still there is a lot to talk about it but we will discuss on it some day because I do not want to bore you more..........so tomorrow will surely talk something interesting.Anyways lets call it a day with a sweetest smile.So till then bye take good care of your self ,family,friends and pets .Miss me cuz i always miss you love me cuz ma love is always there with you .love you all have a beautiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams come true

  • Actor/actress
  • Animal trainer
  • Anything to do with the media or public relations
  • Athlete
  • Business manager
  • Chairman/woman
  • Charity organizer
  • Clothing designer
  • Cook/chef
  • Dancer
  • Director of movies, productions, plays, etc.
  • Event planner/coordinator
  • Gardener
  • Hairdresser
  • Hospitality industry worker
  • Host/hostess
  • Interior designer/decorato
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