Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something is incomplete without you

Hi darling buddies how you doing ?
Hey today i watched MTV Roadies 7 audition of second episode Chandigarh ,well i know it telecasts around 7pm every Sunday but unfortunately yesterday i couldn't watch it that's why. But you know what i missed Raghu Ram very much ex-executive producer of Mtv who has switched to Channel V now.Most of the people specially boys hate him like anything because he is out spoken and straight forward he cannot tolerate those boys who have cheap or sick mentality who disrespect women.Even he had slapped many cuz of their worst behavior.And this is only the reason i admire him.people say he is so rude and rigid he ain't any emotions for any one.But Raghu is entirely different ,as i have seen his emotional side also .................so i totally disagree with others opinion.Though he is tough from outside but by heart he is very much emotional and soft too.And i appreciate the way he keeps his attitude for those disgusting boys who don't know how to respect women, if i were in his place then i would have kept the same attitude as Raghu keeps for them.Man even i ever seen any chap like Raghu,He is versatile ,he Respects women,he is entertaining and talented.Seriously Sugandha(WIFE)is very lucky to have partner like him ,cuz its very difficult to search a deserving one in today's scenario ,And if a girl had a partner like Raghu then undoubtedly She would be the luckiest one.
As i am very much fond of Roadies and specially Raghu used to add more flavour to it through his presence ,but in this audition Nikhil and both cyrus are handling very well but not better than him.i am missing him alot,even just cuz of Raghu i used to watch repeated episodes of Roadies many times but now i am not very much willing to watch it again and again ....................well this is a fact that no one can take his place as he is very special.
well its around 2 am and i have said too much,and as usual feeling so sleepy ,so dear will catch you tomorrow again with a flare of joy till then bye keep smiling take good care of your self your family,friends and pets too....miss me as i alwayz miss you and love me cuz ma love is alwayz there with you love you all.have a beautiful night, sleep tight ....................may all your dreams come true

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