Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My love

I remember the day when i held u tight
And slept with you whole night
I woke up and found you beside
And searched the right place where you could reside.
Everyday i share my life and thoughts with you
But sometimes my anger burst on you.
How could you tolerate me so long
when you know that i am wrong.
sometimes i hurt like anything
But you don't say a word to me as you know everything.
you know what?
i love you from the bottom of my heart
because you are my personal dairy sweetheart.
you are so precious to me Honey
And worth more than money.
I promise i won't leave you ever,
Because we are friends forever....................

I know after going through the whole composition some where you would have thought that i am talking about my partner with whom i have spent some precious moments n all,,,right? And i am sure you would have definitely pulled your hair when i revealed the fact about my personal diary hahahahahaha so sweethearts this is the way i am .......................u know something this is the wonderful thing in me that my love is extreme for those ones and those things who are close to me.And the same with ma personal diary with which i have shared half of ma good times, ma worst and most memorable moments,my past relations , about ma friends bestones and worstones,"MY DIARY KNOWS EVERYHING".I don't know whether you like my composition or not but that was my feeling towards my diary which i have shared with have a great night keep rocking


Monday, October 26, 2009

"The second stupid secrete of ma life"

Aaj har din ki tarha subha huyi .waise to meri har subha khas hoti hai kiyunki mujhe uthate hi pata hota hai ki mujhe kya likhana hai aur apse aaj kya share karna hai ,everymorning i come up with a new thought ,par aaj ki morning mere liye kuch alag rahi cuz i didn't have food for the thoughts ,i was bit upset meine socha ki

kya likhun aisa apne baare mein then i decided to share some stupidity of ma life which is still continue.well meri life ka ek secrete jo shayad aaj tak i dont think so meine kisi ke saath share kiya ho,vo ye ki 10th std ki social studies mein mujhe kuch zyada interest nahi tha specially the history part i used to hate ,usme ek lesson aya related to Adolf Hitler tab shayad teacher ke padhane ke time meine interest nahi liya but jab final board exams aye to raat ko 3baje meine Hitler ke baare mein padha aur i don't know why but i liked his character this much that i completely drowned ma self to read the whole lesson ,and hence i had fallen into his love around 4am in the morning next day i went for the exam aur jo hitler ke baare meine likha, that was simply mind-blowing and you won't believe i got distinction in social studies first time in ma whole life,phir kya tha hitler ke liye mera pyaar aur badh gaya aur to aur 12th ke mid tak continue raha cuz iske baad botany mein i went through the chapter crossing over which was related to pea plant usme har botanist ne apni khud ki theory batayi ek dusare ki theory ko criticise karte huye ,i found one botanist "Mendel" theory of pea plant ,Again meine uss time pea plant ki theory mein interest nahi liya cuz that time i was reading his history unke stuggling days about his achievements n mujhe unse bhi pyaar hogaya aur same jab 12th board exams start huye tab luckily Mendel ke 2 questions aye 5-6marks ke i was so happy then meine jo unke aur pea plant ki theory ke baare mein discription diya that was superb again mujhe distinction mili ..................think about ma true love for them dude,,,,,,,,, yahi nahi exams khatm hone ke baad bhi i used to read his theory and history ,see the craziness,,,,,,,,,,iske baad i took 1 year drop of ma MBBS preparation but mere luck mein doctor banna nahi tha cuz i didnt get selected han i got selected inBHMS but i realy didn't want to opt it as a career,6saal ek hi stream ko jhelna no ways man that seriously not ma cup of tea,vo to accha tha ki ma percentage was good that's why i eassily got industrial microbiology in ....han now come to the point industrial microbiology mein janha meri sabhi friends ne palezar Book ko preference di wanhi i got my hand on a book Tortora...which was very heavy even too difficult to carry .lekin dude use padne ke baad mujhe ek baad ek kayi scientist se pyaar hogaya specially the concept they gave wow awesome man.aur unke concept ko follow karte huye i got highest marks in internals.waise ye kafi stupidity ki baat hai ki janha logo ko zinda praniyo se crush aur pyaar hota hai wanha mujhe un logo se pyaar hua jinhe bhagwan ke paas gaye huye 100-200-1000 saal hochuke hein.but meine ye baat kabhi kisi se nahi share ki cuz i used to feel ki people would definetly laugh at me aur han ye padne ke baad to koi bhi hasega but kanhi na kahni i realize ki jinn subjects se mera door door ka koi relation nahi tha just cuz of those people i took interest and got distinction with highest marks ,aur aaj jab mein 24 ki hone jarahi hun to still i have a soft corner for them cuz meri success ka credit kanhi na kanhi un sabko jata hai.aur waise bhi if your feeling for someone work as a inspiration and motivation in your life then their pressence doesn't matter at That was the second secrete of ma life.hope you relished it and i feel great after revealing it.

so have a great night Godbless you Love you all

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ख्वाबे जज़्बात

कौन हो तुम .....................
किसी कवि की कविता |
किसी शायर की ग़ज़ल
या फिर किसी लेखक की रचना
शायद तुम खुदा की बनाई हुई वो मूरत हो
जिसे हर कोई अपने जज्बातों में कैद करना चाहता है
तुम्हारे हुस्न को बयां करने के लिए मेरे अल्फाज़ कम है |
शायद ये एक शायर के लिए सबसे बड़ा गम है |
तुम्हारी जुल्फों से टपकती हुई ये पानी की बूंदे
बारिश की कमी को पूरा कर देती है|
तुम्हारी मदहोश कर देने वाली ये निगाहें
साखी को भूलने पर मजबूर कर देती हैं |
तुम्हारे ये लब उन गुलाब की पंखुडियों की तरह है ,जो कभी मुरझाती नही |
तुम्हारी पलकें उन तारों की तरह है,जो टिमटिमाते हुए कभी थकते नही |
तुम्हारी हर अदा में ,मैं इस कदर कैद हो चुका हूँ,जैसे मैं इस जन्हाँ को ही भूल चुका हूँ |
पर ये क्या ख्वाब से निकलते ही मुझे ये इल्म हुआ की तुम तो मेरी ही बनाई हुई तस्वीर हो,
मगर मेरे लिए तो तुम खुदा की ही ताबीर हो |
काश ये ख्वाब हकीकत बन् जाए,
ताकि मेरी ज़िन्दगी की इस अधूरी कहानी को एक मंजिल मिल जाए |
तुम्हारी हर अदा हर बात हमेशा मेरे ज़हन में रहेगी ,
और तुम्हारे लिए मेरे इश्क की दास्ताँ पूरी कायनात याद रखेगी |

Well its something which is truly imaginary ,a wonderful imagination of a painter who sketches wonderful picture of a girl who is enchantingly beautiful like an angel,hence the painter falls in love with his own creativity,and he completely drowns himself into her love,according to him everything is so special in her i.e her beauty is endless even a word isn't enough to give a thought for it,her eyes are enough to quench his thrust.But when he comes out from the dream then he realizes that she is her own creativity but for him she is the precious gift of God .He wants her in his life forever and makes his true love always memorable for the world.

Hope you would relish this composition keep enjoying ,have a great time.

Shraddha Tiwari

Friday, October 16, 2009

State of my mind

Loneliness is all around,

can anyone tell where it has found.

Life is full of stress,But i want to play with it

like a game of chess.

All friends of mine are truly divine,

But i want someone special to be... mine.

Everything is going so far.

Sometimes i feel that i am coming from a big war

i wanna chase my aim,

which can gimme lot of fame.

i know it needs lot of efforts ,

But after achieving my aim, life would be full of comfort.

I wrote this composition in the time of Dilemma where i was very confused towards my career i didn't know what to do or what not,cuz that time i was too much concerned about my career but wasn't have any idea about where to go.Sometimes this sort of situation comes across in our life , where we have options but have confusions for the right one to choose.For all buddies i would like to suggest please be focused towards your aim or career cuz it is very important to know what exactly we want in our life,every second is precious so give value or importance to your keep rocking

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"The Coolest school days"

Aaj jab doston ke saath mehafil jamayi.
To school ke dino ki baatien yaad ayi .
Vo ladna jhagadana,kabhi isko rulana,kabhi usko satana.
Hansna aur hansana bas pure din mastana,
Classes bunk karke volleyball court mein pahunch jana.
Juniors ko hadkana aur apni seniority ka fayda uthana.
Aur to aur,Recess ke dauran ek dusare ke lunch box par toot padna,
Phir papers ke Rocket aur ball banakar ekdusare par phekna.
(Sacchi mein kya din the vo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,)Agge TO suno,,,
National anthem ke shuru hote hi Toilet mein bam dhamaka karna.
Aur saara blame juniors par daaldena
(Too bad no but school life ka yahi to maza hai)
Lekin Lekin Lekin
Janha school ki har curricular activities mein participate karna
Wanhi Exams ke dino mein raat bhar jaag kar padna
Aur high scores lakar apne teachers ke favorite bann janana.
(we all were studious ,,,,,,,,To yaar kuch seekho humse)
Well school ki har baat hoti hi hai itni khaas
Tabhi to yaadon mein humari rehati hein humesha saath.

Well Its another fact of life that school days are such a golden moments,which are simply unforgeable,and whenever we go back to our school days memories so they get this composition it dedicated to all buddies who still miss their school days life.SO keep enjoying

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'What "shall i say about you"?

Whenever i talk about my friends
I always find you in the Top list
But for me you are my sweet sis.
You are the person with True emotions,
cuz you always materialize every relation
With full of devotion.
If had to describe your personality in one word
Then that word would be "DYNAMIC"
Cuz you have got something ,which is more than a "MAGIC".
Your beautiful eyes are enough to capture any body's Attention.
And that's why people can not work around you with Concentration.
So Akansha see the persona of your charismatic personality.
Once who meets you would definitely accept this reality.

This composition is made for one of my loving Friend akansha who is very close to me and for me she is more than a sis.very talented and rocking personality she is and when she comes on air, she comes up with full of energy and ya her punch line "DHASU AUR DHAMAKEDAR RJ AKANSHA"Hope when she goes through this poetry she would like it.cuz it is exclusively for her.And hope you people would also relish this composition


"The toast of beer"

Once i had a Toast of beer
I found its taste awful and the situation was weired.
I told this to my mom with no fear.
She took my class badly,
But somewhere i was happy
cuz i told this fact courageously.
I went to the temple and apologized in front of Bajarangbali.
And tried to convince mom by saying you are so sweet, so lovely.
She showed her anger and said,you know you are a fool.
Then i hugged her and said hey forget mom,just be cool.
That night i got a bad headache.
Thanks to God it was not a heart attack.
so that was a first and last toast of beer
Its taste was really awful and situation ...................obviously weired.
well this was my first secrete.
And revealing this fact made me feel great.

When we cross our teenage obviously we want to have some adventure in our life ,so whatever seems great we go through that,or in other way we can we totally experiment with new stuffs around right?Thus the same thing happened with me , in the age of 17 or 18, it was summer and i was simply enjoying ma vacation,even wanted to do something i mugged up the names of most of the Drinks ,that time Haywards 5000 and Haywards 10000 were in vogue and that was my wish to have it once in a life time ,finally i got a chance in such a way, one of ma younger cousin came to our home and we just planned out to have it together .I cannot explain the moment i had it ,when i just took a one sip .................The feeling which came out from inside it was yukkkkkkkkkkkkk shey terribly yuk even no words to say about it, some how i finished one glass at least,but didn't find my self happy at all.As i share everything to my family so finally i decided to told this fact to mom ,OH God the time when said hey mom i had a toast of beer her anger burst out like anything, she said are you crazy or out of your mind ,then i said sorry and promised her not to have it again ,even i apologized in front of Bajarangbali also .it was simply a terrible situation cuz i got a bad headache, whole night i didn't sleep properly ,feeling was most awful just cuz of its taste.So that was first and the last toast of beer.hahahahaha.Hope you would relish this composition and ma revealing secrete too.And one more thing this poetry is truely dedicated to all the buddies who had their first toast.


Monday, October 12, 2009

आज की सुबह का खूबसूरत एहसास

आज की सुबह का एहसास बहुत ख़ूबसूरत हुआ
जब ठंडी हवा ने मेरे चहरे को छुआ|
आज तो जुल्फों ने जैसे उड़ने की खाली थी कसम
कुछ पल तो ऐसा लगा ,जैसे इनकी इस शरारत से
कंही निकल न जाए मेरा दम |
चिडियों की चेहचाहट ने मेरे कानो में
मिश्री सी घोल दी जैसे .
किसी ने आज अपने दिल की बात बोल दी |
घांस पर पड़ी ऑस की बूंदों ने जब मेरे पैरों को छुआ
तो मेरा मन एक प्यारा सा गीत गुनगुनाने को हुआ |
फूलों की महक ने मुझे,
इस तरह मंत्र मुग्ध कर दिया |
यूँ लगा की जैसे किसी ने
मेरी ज़िन्दगी को,खुशियों से भर दिया |
वो ठंडी हवा,वो जुल्फों की अटखेलियाँ ,चिडयों चहक
फूलों की महक ,ऑस की बूंदे |
इन् सब ने बनाया मेरे दिन को ख़ास
इसलिए आज की सुबह का
मैं कभी नही भूल पाऊँगी ये ख़ूबसूरत एहसास |


Sunday, October 11, 2009

वो चाँदनी रात

एक दिन की बात थी ,जब मैं तुम्हारे साथ थी
तारों भरा आसमा था वो कितनी हसीं रात थी |
देखकर तुमको महसूस कुछ इस कदर हो रहा था
जैसे हम दोनों एक दुसरे के लिए बने हैं |
पर शायद किस्मत को कुछ और मंज़ूर है
जिंदगी का बस यही दस्तूर है|
शायद वो हमारी आखरी मुलाकात थी
वो चाँदनी रात थी जब मैं तुम्हारे साथ थी |


Evergreen ever yellow,
I am the beautiful fellow.
You are the prince of green Rose
But i am the princess,
Whose Rose is forever yellow.
Evergreen ever yellow
I am the beautiful fellow.
Everyday you say hi
But i never say hello
Because i am the princess
Whose rose is forever yellow.
Evergreen ever yellow
I am the beautiful fellow.

This composition describes the nature of a princess of yellow rose,she is enchantingly beautiful,that's why every male rose wanna her in their life but princess of yellow rose has so much proud of her beauty ,she refuses their proposal and same thing happens with the prince of green rose who proposes her but she says no to him.This poetry is incomplete that's why i can't say anything more about it.soon it will be completed with twist and turns.


Friday, October 9, 2009

"Ultimate Dreams"

Whenever the sun rises,
it gives light and shines my sight.
Whenever the stars Twinkle at night,
They make me bright.
Whenever the drop comes in my hand,
It gives me lot of fame.
Once upon a time an Idea came in my mind that,
I should fly like a bird
No one could dare to stop me in this world.
Life is a beautiful stream but,
My aim is not just a dream.
That is why,i always say.
Keep your dreams.
And make your way.

Life is all about winning,loosing and dreaming.....sometimes we win ,sometimes we loose and most of the time ,we dream to become something in our life,For this we put lot of efforts to make our dream come true.In this composition i have given the description of sun,starts and the rain drop,and their presence as a motivational factor in my life. The line -I wanna fly like a bird ,no one could dare to stop me in this world,tells that i want to touch the great height of success where no one could dare to stop me. I hope you would relish my composition.So keep dreaming and hit your target.....


A Best friend in my imagination

A beautiful friend came in my life
who moved my destiny towards light
At first to him i couldn't recognize
After i saw myself towards the bright side
I asked his name in a lovely way
He said i am Miracle came from high way.
I asked him where are you from?
He replied where's the happiness all around
Then he caught a drop of rain into his hand
And showed my destiny which was full of fame.
Then he got disappeared, in the air
I realized an angel has gone from my life
With whom i couldn't walk for a while.
I hope i will meet him very soon
where we could see the beautiful moon.
Then I'll tell him my dreams have come true
Because I've got a best friend and That is you.
No idea what he says,
But i will tell him I am shraddha and that's my way.

This composition has a very deep feeling and emotion (for a true best friend),which gives a beautiful lesson of true relation and that's why i have used my all imaginations to make it real or pious,In such a way that a person comes in my life and we become friends,i talk to him and meet him.on one hand where i am taking him casually on other hand he is enlightening my life and thoughts .i am unaware from the fact that i am grooming day by day because of him,everyday he makes me so special by doing different things, i am gaining my confidence and one day i reach to the height of success where i have everything in life,but i don't have him because he has gone to some other place.then i realize that whatever i have achieved in my life only because of him and how much he is mean to me or important for me.Everyday i only pray to God for his arrival so that i could tell him, how much he is important for me,he is not only a friend but he is my true best friend whom i love a lot.

Life is incomplete without best friends,because we share everything to them, or can say we pour out our heart to them who never divulge our secrets to anyone,whenever we face some tough situations or go through bad times they always stand by us through thick and thin.Friendship is such a pure relation that we share with our best ones only,and according to me those who have got true best friends in their life ,are very lucky,Everyday we meet and talk to different people, if we feel that we are sharing a good rapo with each other then we become friends.But in case of best friends sharing a good rapo isn't enough, in this relation we share our whole life. once your love can leave you in between,in unfavorable conditions but true best friend will always live with you or stand by always keep a special place for them in your heart and give them importance too.
Hope you would relish my composition.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

My sweet Mermories of Popcorn

Sweet Memories of Popcorn will never be gone,
Where i had a great time around.
Ultimate fun with best buddies,
On Air duty with lots of masties.
Rj's of Popcorn kisi se nahi hai kam.
Like a Fabulous synchronization of cold drink in Rum.
I loved to Say Good Morning Bhopal.
After all it is a city of beautiful taal.
Sikku was my True friend there
Who used to do lovely care.
Special-friend (***) was my stress buster,
But now our friendship has been cleaned
Like black board from a duster.
Some Sweet memories like cadburries,
Some teekhi memories like red chillies.
I wish i could stay there for so long
But now its time to Rock On.
Sometimes we have to compromise with our emotions
Because life has its Various rotations
Love for popcorn will never die
Its aroma will always spread around
like a aroma of garam chai.
Popcorn is my first plate form,
Where i got such a Wonderful experience
like a sweet corn.

Popcorn Rocks when Rj talks,and That's why
Sweet memories of popcorn will never be gone
Where i had a great time around.

So stay tune to Radio Popcorn 90.4fm masti ki paathshala.

I still Remember the day 01-02-2008 when i became a part of Radio Popcorn 90.4fm and spent ma most memorable time till 1.3year, 18 days,where i enjoyed the flavor of conducive atmosphere and Rjng,such a unforgettable experience i got.You know what i miss the most " The biggest studio", Console, mic and the headphone OH YA ma cabin too,which were ma true friends besides some all weather pals i got who are still with me.One special Friend who became such a wonderful part of ma life too soon....but gone too soon,well there is a old saying in Hindi "JO HAI VO APNA HAI ,AUR JO JA CHUKA VO SAPNA HAI"so same with me also.By the way everything is special in Radio Popcorn though its a Community FM channel but its simply too good,whether we talk about shows or either RJ's everything is perfect and outstanding over there. Radio popcorn has the biggest studio of MP,Even a word isn't enough to describe its beautiful ambiance. That's why i miss popcorn a lot and i hope u would like this composition which is written by me (by heart).