Monday, November 16, 2009

Today I got ma hand on...

A very warm hi to all my coolest friends,SO today how you spent your Sunday ?
well ma Sunday was not so special and i aint hanged out anywhere cuz of rains.....ya it was raining since afternoon till evening i think around 4 so i didn't feel to go out anywhere ..and that's a fact i feel at home at ma home.But that's ok atleast i cleaned ma book shalves today hehehehehe and you know what all of a sudden i got my hand on chetan Bhagat's Novel five point someone of ma favorite novel it is but again i went through it.i remmember the day when i read it first time the real sense it was the first novel i ever read because i was not very much fond of reading but chetan Bhagat's changed ma way of perception then i had gone through his 2 more novels one night at call centre and three mistakes of ma life but i like his five point some one, which was truely dedicated to the youth and freindship as well and you wont believe i completely drowned ma self while reading and infact ma expression were changing like anything somwhere i was imagining the the situation ..............if i talk about the character so man undoubtedly i would say i loved Ryan's character i mean Alok and hari were good but Ryan was outstanding who didn't care what others think about him,very true and real ,he was outspoken.He had the right attitude for his friends......Besdies i love operation pendulum and vodka both are superb i really enjoyed while reading.
You know the best thing in chetanBhagat is that he knows what exactly a youth wants, he is simply perceptive.....he has food for the thoughts.Somewhere i admire him cuz of his great connectivity with youth, as far as interaction is concerend fabulous command he has over thoughts and language.
And for me ChetanBhagat is the king of the castle of todays scenario (best writer or author of today's scenario) very much focused that's all about him.Ya i know there are many people who criticise alot,as i also faced the same situation when i appreciated him and someone said that i ain't gone through any other novels of the some great authors ever that's why appreciating chetanBhagat's novel,this was so stupid man for them there is one thing first writing a novel or a book or anything doesn't mean that you need to or have to use heavy words or vocabs or a language just to give a flavour to it ....but you need to write in such a way so that every one including a layman should enjoy it while reading.So in this way chetan Bhagat is ma favorite author of today's scenario
Hey sometimes i feel i talk too much righto? And as well as show ma aggression too but don't worry for you i am always cool hehehehehehe anyways dear buddies i have to push miss me cuz i miss you and love me because ma love is alwayz with you i love all ..................May all your dreams come true ,,,,,,,,,,,have a beautiful night with Rocking dreams

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