Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Secretivesness is the key to success.........

A very goodie-goodie hi to all ma sweet coolest buddies how you all doing ?I know obviously great.well well well today ma day was really cool or can say very special cuz i have taken some

important decisions of
ma life,will let you know soon,cuz
until and unless
it works,

i cannot
reveal it before,i hope you would understand. And this is a trick to make something successful and you can call it "SUCCESS MANTRA".According to the Mythology and it is an old saying too,if you are going to do something important or you planning for, then you shouldn't disclose it to anybody rather you should keep it close to your chest till the time you don't get success in it,because may be your planning come under the influence of an evil eye cuz you don't know who is your well wisher and who isn't, to whom your are sharing.Besides Mythology there are many great great personalities whether we talk about bollywood stars,politicians,or either a business tycoons they all are very secretive in disclosing any thing.In which forthcoming project they are working they never reveal.In case if media comes to know about it then they always deny the fact or give the diplomatic statements like .............
  • No its not like that,just a misconception.
  • well sorry to say but it is a rumor
  • Actually it is under process
  • if it is then ,ya we will soon let you know .
  • Oh really,
  • hahahahaha sorry again
Bla bla bla sort of statements they give but somewhere i feel this is a better way to make the things possible.We should learn a lot from the those personalities , in a short span of time,they hit the bull's eye cuz of their secretiveness.So now-a-days i am also following the sameTrick and The same Mantra.
Cuz what is the need to highlight about your palnning publicly cuz incase if your planning get failed then most of them who are close to you will feel good about it from inside and pretend that , they are very sad to knew it even some of them laugh at you at your back.
So whatever you plan for your future, about job or career don't tell to anyone you need to be shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "secretive" okhe?Now that's good.
I think today whatever i said, that gonna be beneficial for you ,cuz somewhere it relates with ma life's personal experience too ,After all it is "THE JOURNEY 24/7 OF MY LIFE 24"hahahahahahaha anyways its around 1:20 AM and i have lots of work to do,so lets call it a day with great hopes and sweet smile ,till then bye takecare of your self ,your family,friends and pets...miss me cuz i miss you and love me cuz my love is always with you, i love you all ,have a beauftiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams come true

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