Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Missed Ma Dad Today...........

Helio everyone how's life going.................?
yaar today ma condition was worst ,had a severe stomach ache again 2months back was unbearable ache i experiened,even had taken some pain killers but they were useless cuz all flushed out through vomiting ...... And seriously ma mum took care of me very well.But somewhere i missed ma Dad who was a Homeopath,whenever i faced such conditions then he used to handle me like an angel and his medicines worked as Sanjivini jadi buti,for me simply pain reliever that's why When he was alive I had not ever needed a doctor.i really miss ma dad,today even he was a cool buddy for i share everything with her( mum) same i used to share with ma dad.Previously i had two angels ma mum and dad,but now i have only one angel ma mum,i know god had needed him more that's why he called him to his place.Beside mum ma ,dad played a concrete role in ma life,ya i know sometimes we used to have hot exchanges on some matters but ya we reconciled again,he always supported me from every way we were like buddies ...Right now ma mum he playing such a wonderful role of ma dad in ma life but dad is dad ,his presence matters alot in our life.I never say this too ma mum how much i miss him cuz i don't want her to cry .....but today i am telling this to you cuz i am missing him alot and this is only the way through which i can over come the grief.I really love him and ma mom too.
Buddies i know you all love your mum dad but only one small advise to you as they are the real precious gems of your life so just keep a very special place in your heart ,love them like anything ,respect them and take care of them more than anyone else ,anyways its too late now ,so i am pushing of till then bye take good care of your self,family,friends and pets .Miss me cuz i alwayz miss you love me cuz ma love is alwayz there with love you all.May all your dreams come true have a beautiful night and sleep tight.


  1. heloo, nice composition, it shades some of my tears thus i m expressing my regards, howz u know? r u alright? take care hope u'll get well soon. n do goto the doctor