Thursday, November 26, 2009

What your dreams indicate you.........................

hi hello to all my lovely fellows what's up ,awesome no??????????
Hey don't you think our dreams indicate something,whether it is positive or negative but definitely there is something behind these dreams.After the research on dreams philosophy i have come up with a conclusion that yes there are certain dreams which are related to our daily routine activities and things that goes on in our mind in addition there are some dreams that work as fortune teller and make us aware from the present and future happenings either good or bad.But the only need is to understand their indications ..........I know most of you have a questions in your mind,How to understand their sign.So buddies no probs today i am going to make you aware from those indications..........
Well sometimes we dream that we are climbing upstairs ....the sign of upstairs is a symbol of progress ,so this means you are going to achieve something or you are reaching towards the summit of success.Contrast if you are climbing downstairs then be careful cuz it shows you are on the path of decadence.Same if you dream that you are flying like a bird that means you are going to get a good news .On other hand if you dream you are falling down then it itself shows demotion, perhaps you would face some failures and downfall.
If you dream that you're getting stuck in a quagmire then man you have to be cautious,this means you are falling into a very big trouble.
if you see dogs in your dreams this means someone is going to be your friend very soon (a new friend) .In case if you see dogs are biting you then this time you have to be very very careful ..............cuz your friends are planning(plotting) against you or about to betray you. where cat indicates,again your enemies are going to come in your way or soon you meet them.
Where owl indicates Contingency money is going to benefit you.Snake is also a symbol of success or a good news where evil spirit,brides or marriage give inauspicious indication.If you see someone's death that means his age has increased,besides denominational or row of a people sitting at a meal indicates that you going to receive the news of someone's death in family or in relatives.Deceased relative and family member,dream of celebrity, deity are the sign of good indications.
Rain in your garden is portentous,rain in the whole town is a sign of happiness .
so these are the dreams which we usually see.....i hope there are many things which have been cleared now righto?And next time when you see any of those dreams then it will be more easier to understand their indications .Anyways anyways anyways its around 12:30 am and i am very tired too so lets call it a day with great hopes and sweet smile ,till then take good care of your self,your family,friends and pets.Miss me cuz i always miss you and love me cuz ma love is always there with you i love you all .Have a beautiful night and sleep tight ,may all your dreams come true.................

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is what we call" Sleep Tight"..............

A very cool cool hi to all ma darling how was your day ??????????
Well today I took a break from work and slept whole day.................but Man i must say Sleep comes very well in winter season,Therefore i slept for 4-5 hours seriously such a beautiful sleep i had today.
And you know what if i were given one wish ,then i would wish to sleep in ma entire life without any disturbance and tensions. Even i know most of the sleep lovers would wish the same righto ?????haahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!I know most of you have a question in your mind .........why this!!!!!!! why not other.......So i would say few months back i had forgotten what is sleep and cuz of this i suffered a lot and ma daily routine was badly affected..........Some how I took control over it , managed ma schedule in a proper way and see right now ma life is truly going on the right track.I take healthy sleep with sweet dreams due to which i enjoy ma life more.But finally i have learnt a lesson no matter how odd the situation is, but it should not impact on our lifestyle cuz some way or the other it would badly affect you.I have experienced it very well keep this lesson in your mind too.
Hey don't you think life of infants or kids is far much better than us i literally feel jealous cuz they nap so well ...............No tensions,no problems,no disturbance,no all...really they don't have any work to do except sleeping.....whatever happens in the world they don't care like "मस्त राम मस्ती में, आग लगे बस्ती में" .
Even during sleeping, you must have noticed one thing that they always smile... as they are enjoying a wonderful trip of paradise.sho shhhhhweetttt no they simply look so cute ,so lovely. yup and that time i feel very good to pry them.
Well well well after talking so much about sleep sleep and sleep .....i am feeling sleepy like anything so i am going to take sweet lovely beautiful nap will catch you tomorrow till then bye take good care of your self, your family,friends and pets and and and don't forget to miss me cuz i miss you all and keep loving me cuz i love you all.Have a beautiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams come true .

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Powerful Planets and their Strongest effect on zodiac signs

A very warm welcome to all ma sweet darling lubby dubby friends..............................So hows life going?cool like me no.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm alright
Well last night we had discussed about karma (deeds)and what scholars think about it.Today i will tell you about different effects of planet on zodiac signs................
There are certain planet like Mar,Jupiter,Mercury,Venus,Saturn,Moon,sun are considered as the most Powerful planets and each of them rule the particular zodiac sign which is called Swami in Hindi.Every planet has its different effect according to its nature......As far as Planet Mars is concerned so Mars is one of the most strongest planet(symbol of fearlessness)it rules the zodiac sign Aries and people of this sun sign are venturous,brave and straight forward, they don't fear anyone,
very ambitious,dedicated,hardworking and focused and a good speaker too.The color of Mars is red and the gem stone is Ruby and the deity is Kartike.The best career fields for them are Speaker,administrative officer,soldiers,police officer and public relation officer.In short we can say Ariens are born to rule.
Now lets talk about next planet which is Jupiter largest planet of solar system (very generous and powerful) .Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius the people of this sign are generous,excessive,extravagant and powerful,ideal.The gem stone is yellow Topas and deity is Lord Brahaspati and the color is yellow.As far as career matter is concerned so the best career option is in the field of philosophy,lecturer ship,sales.
Now come to the next planet and that is mercury which is the symbol of intelligence and high ambition ............the people whose zodiac signs are ruled by planet mercury are very much ambitious ,they always target long term goal,Diligent.Deity of this planet is Lord Vishnu. The gem stone is Aqua Marine and and the color is Green.The best career option are in the field of science,pharmacy,and business like restaurant,hotel,printing press,Medical.
Well our next planet is Venus .people whose zodiac signs rule by this planet are always sweet,diplomat,secretive and challenging and the special thing about them is ....they amass lot of money and property ,they involve in many relationship as they are very romantic by nature.The deity of this planet is goddess Laxmi , gem is Opel and diamond and the color is white.
The best career options for them are in media industries and hospitality.As they keep very strong social skills so they can also go with social work and politics.
If we talk about planet Saturn so it is one of the most beautiful planet among all the planets it is the symbol of anger and passion.People whose zodiac sign rule by this planet are passionate towards their aim and everything besides short temper and obstinate but on other hand they are emotional and sincere towards their work.The deity of this planet is Shani ,Gem stone is Sapphire and the color is blue and black.
Well if we talk about the career option then,law,business,politics are the best field to get success.

Now come to our next planet which is extremely beautiful and there are many songs sung on it and that is one and only Moon ................Moon is the planet which rules cancerians symbol of protectiveness cancerians are very much focused, straight,and less emotional they do what they want to do in their life.The deity of this planet is Lord Shiva,gem stone is pearl and the color is white,Best career options with cancerians are medical i.e doctor ,pharmacists,teacher,chef,.
Now we'll talk about our last but not the least planet Which is the planet of power,attraction and that is Sun ........king of all planets.Sun leads the zodiac sign Leo.
people with this zodiac sign are very interactive,challenging,short temper,dominating,they have the leadership quality,confidence is their strength presentable and as well as good cook.
The color is orange ,deity is sun and gemstone is onyx.
well the the best career options are law,dental,engineering,police service ,army,direction,politics,sports.
So these are the Most powerful planets which rule over Zodiac signs.well the discussion about astrology,planet, birth ,rebirth, karma are those topics which has no end.Still there is a lot to talk about it but we will discuss on it some day because I do not want to bore you tomorrow will surely talk something interesting.Anyways lets call it a day with a sweetest smile.So till then bye take good care of your self ,family,friends and pets .Miss me cuz i always miss you love me cuz ma love is always there with you .love you all have a beautiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams come true

  • Actor/actress
  • Animal trainer
  • Anything to do with the media or public relations
  • Athlete
  • Business manager
  • Chairman/woman
  • Charity organizer
  • Clothing designer
  • Cook/chef
  • Dancer
  • Director of movies, productions, plays, etc.
  • Event planner/coordinator
  • Gardener
  • Hairdresser
  • Hospitality industry worker
  • Host/hostess
  • Interior designer/decorato
  • Monday, November 23, 2009

    What Scholars say about karma

    A big hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to all ma sweet darling buddies how are you doing ??????????????
    Yesterday As we had a discussion about planetary positions and their effect in horoscope and in our life,i left it in between right ?So lets resume it again .
    well many scholars say destiny is all written from birth to death.................where will our next birth and in which cunt,which planet in our horoscope take its place and what effect will have on our lives,hence On the basis of our deeds our destiny has been already written(good or bad deeds).............. in hindi these deeds are considered as karma and things which we get on the basis of karma are called fal.And according to them there are some peoplewho go through many problems or difficulties like .....insalubrity or disease (cancer,leprosy,Paralysis) where some face poverty,hunger and helplessness.One who has everything except peace and happiness and what is it,karma of our last birth and by which our destiny has been written before our this birth.Either good or bad we get the result of our last birth deeds in this birth,even not only this we get fal or result of our present deeds in this birth also.As there is a old saying "History repeats it self ".
    Well this is something mysterious,and i am very much keen to know about.......astrology,palmistry,about birth and rebirth.....and that's why apart from ma other work i am keep on searching this mystery,i don't know about you people but somewhere i have extreme faith in it.
    Well this is not the end of this discussion there is a lot to say about it but i have to push off cuz feeling sleepy will continue with the same topic till then take good care of your self,your family,friends and pets......miss me cuz i really miss and love me cuz ma love is alwayz there with you i love you all.Have beautiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams come true

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    What happens when planetary postion changes.......

    A very happy Sunday to all ma darling sweetheart friends so what's new in life ,enjoying weekend ,with your nearest and dearest one's righto?hmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh ya i know you must be having fun around,and some of you will be making plan to hangout with your chum's right?
    But i spend ma Sunday very differently,mostly at home cuz i feel at home at ma home...then some net surfing,talking with old friends,then finish ma pending work that's it can say i spend ma Sunday monotonously....even i don't plan anything new.I don't know why but it is only the day which i really don't want to come.i feel so bore for no reason ,it seems so stupid no?Anyways i aint any work to do so i thought to have some chit chat with ma cool buddies and that's you all.
    Hey have you ever noticed ,that in a week there are some days which are lucky for us from every aspects and we get happy inside.On other hand there are some days which are unlucky for us and we feel very bad for no reason.Do you know why it happens?I don't know how many of you believe in astrology but according to astrologers , when we are born,then according to our birth time and day every planet takes its own place (house)in our horoscope which could be good for us and worse,depends upon the position, in which house they are taking their place and with the passage of time planetary position also changes which effects our behavior,nature,way of thinking or perception and not only this our destiny varies cuz of planetary positions.See you can take the example of our personal life .....................sometimes when we put lot of efforts to achieve something we give our 100%nonetheless, we do not succeed in that,On the other hand sometimes we easily get success without putting any effort or hard work,some people are born with silver spoons who would not have to struggle in life.And some people are such whose entire life is left in the struggle,sometime it happens when the rich becomes poor and poor becomes rich.So what is all our luck and our planetary position................Think about it?????????????????How does it happen well there are many reasons behind which i would like to discuss with but from tommorow ma schedule is gonna change so i have to sleep earlier cuz have to wake up earlier but we will continue it tomorrow for sure till then bye take good care of yourself,your family,friends and pet .Miss me cuz i miss you, love me cuz ma love is always there with you ,i love you all.Have a beautiful night sleep tight.May all your dreams cum true

    Friday, November 20, 2009

    Say what you feel is right

    A very sweet hi to all ma lovable buddies ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how are you fantastic no?yup i know i know you all are doing superb yeyeyeyeye.
    Anyways few min back one of ma friend asked hey shraddha today what you are gonna write in your blog ,i said well i don't know.....................then he said yaar common don't tell me i mean without thinking how could you write ,and you know what i replied ?i told him hey bhaggu while writing i don't think cuz this is something what i feel and share .
    well that's a fact before saying or writing something you should think about it atleast once as far as compositions are concerned so ya i accept we need to think about it,but while writing and sharing your life or thoughts with someone if you think then sorry to say in ma opinion you are not real ,i means you don't feel anything, you are just pretending.Even if i talk about ma personal life so most of the time it happened when people took me otherwise cuz of ma outspoken or straight forward nature.Ya i never tried to hurt anyone but i never flattered anyone.
    I don't know why people cannot accept the reality they always want to listen goodie goodie things from your side and in case if you make them aware of the reality then Man they simply take you otherwise and think that you are wrong and you want to humiliate them or let them down.What's that? Even there is a old saying in hindi "निंदक नियरे रखिये आंगन कुटी छवाए बिन साबुन पानी बिना निर्मल करत सुभाए "this means Keep a critic near you in your backyard for they will help you cleanse yourself without soap and water.But people are people to make them understand ?And If they want to live in utopia, then what we can do.The truth will always be a reality and someway or the other you have to accept it.Even in ma first job i never had a fear of anyone i said what i had to said ,and what i felt was right.I know there were some who used to hate me cuz of ma outspoken nature,but cuz of them i couldn't change ma nature.Even i hate those who flatter their boss Unnecessarily whether he is wrong.cuz according to them boss is always right.what the hell is this ?i don't understand why people do that just to be good in front of boss.Maybe they do not know that by doing so they themselves are taking the wrong path or direction.
    You probably do not believe but yes there are some people who are my enemies and the reason is my candid nature. If today I would like those then I had one of their well-wishers.but i might be one of the most disgusting person of the world.Today i am very happy and proud of maself cuz of ma self esteem which i always maintained i never let ma self down in ma own eyes.
    I feel one should always keep this attitude ......................Because this is the real essence of life and that we should learn,well i know today i have bored you alot,but those were ma feelings which i had to express without thinking hahahahahhaha well this the way i am lolz .anyways i am pushing off cuz feeling so sleepy till then bye miss me cuz i miss you love me cuz ma love is alwayz there with you i love all take good care of yourself ,your family,friends and pets.Have a beautiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams comes true.

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    I Missed Ma Dad Today...........

    Helio everyone how's life going.................?
    yaar today ma condition was worst ,had a severe stomach ache again 2months back was unbearable ache i experiened,even had taken some pain killers but they were useless cuz all flushed out through vomiting ...... And seriously ma mum took care of me very well.But somewhere i missed ma Dad who was a Homeopath,whenever i faced such conditions then he used to handle me like an angel and his medicines worked as Sanjivini jadi buti,for me simply pain reliever that's why When he was alive I had not ever needed a doctor.i really miss ma dad,today even he was a cool buddy for i share everything with her( mum) same i used to share with ma dad.Previously i had two angels ma mum and dad,but now i have only one angel ma mum,i know god had needed him more that's why he called him to his place.Beside mum ma ,dad played a concrete role in ma life,ya i know sometimes we used to have hot exchanges on some matters but ya we reconciled again,he always supported me from every way we were like buddies ...Right now ma mum he playing such a wonderful role of ma dad in ma life but dad is dad ,his presence matters alot in our life.I never say this too ma mum how much i miss him cuz i don't want her to cry .....but today i am telling this to you cuz i am missing him alot and this is only the way through which i can over come the grief.I really love him and ma mom too.
    Buddies i know you all love your mum dad but only one small advise to you as they are the real precious gems of your life so just keep a very special place in your heart ,love them like anything ,respect them and take care of them more than anyone else ,anyways its too late now ,so i am pushing of till then bye take good care of your self,family,friends and pets .Miss me cuz i alwayz miss you love me cuz ma love is alwayz there with love you all.May all your dreams come true have a beautiful night and sleep tight.

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    Secretivesness is the key to success.........

    A very goodie-goodie hi to all ma sweet coolest buddies how you all doing ?I know obviously great.well well well today ma day was really cool or can say very special cuz i have taken some

    important decisions of
    ma life,will let you know soon,cuz
    until and unless
    it works,

    i cannot
    reveal it before,i hope you would understand. And this is a trick to make something successful and you can call it "SUCCESS MANTRA".According to the Mythology and it is an old saying too,if you are going to do something important or you planning for, then you shouldn't disclose it to anybody rather you should keep it close to your chest till the time you don't get success in it,because may be your planning come under the influence of an evil eye cuz you don't know who is your well wisher and who isn't, to whom your are sharing.Besides Mythology there are many great great personalities whether we talk about bollywood stars,politicians,or either a business tycoons they all are very secretive in disclosing any thing.In which forthcoming project they are working they never reveal.In case if media comes to know about it then they always deny the fact or give the diplomatic statements like .............
    • No its not like that,just a misconception.
    • well sorry to say but it is a rumor
    • Actually it is under process
    • if it is then ,ya we will soon let you know .
    • Oh really,
    • hahahahaha sorry again
    Bla bla bla sort of statements they give but somewhere i feel this is a better way to make the things possible.We should learn a lot from the those personalities , in a short span of time,they hit the bull's eye cuz of their secretiveness.So now-a-days i am also following the sameTrick and The same Mantra.
    Cuz what is the need to highlight about your palnning publicly cuz incase if your planning get failed then most of them who are close to you will feel good about it from inside and pretend that , they are very sad to knew it even some of them laugh at you at your back.
    So whatever you plan for your future, about job or career don't tell to anyone you need to be shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "secretive" okhe?Now that's good.
    I think today whatever i said, that gonna be beneficial for you ,cuz somewhere it relates with ma life's personal experience too ,After all it is "THE JOURNEY 24/7 OF MY LIFE 24"hahahahahahaha anyways its around 1:20 AM and i have lots of work to do,so lets call it a day with great hopes and sweet smile ,till then bye takecare of your self ,your family,friends and pets...miss me cuz i miss you and love me cuz my love is always with you, i love you all ,have a beauftiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams come true

    Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    Something is incomplete without you

    Hi darling buddies how you doing ?
    Hey today i watched MTV Roadies 7 audition of second episode Chandigarh ,well i know it telecasts around 7pm every Sunday but unfortunately yesterday i couldn't watch it that's why. But you know what i missed Raghu Ram very much ex-executive producer of Mtv who has switched to Channel V now.Most of the people specially boys hate him like anything because he is out spoken and straight forward he cannot tolerate those boys who have cheap or sick mentality who disrespect women.Even he had slapped many cuz of their worst behavior.And this is only the reason i admire him.people say he is so rude and rigid he ain't any emotions for any one.But Raghu is entirely different ,as i have seen his emotional side also i totally disagree with others opinion.Though he is tough from outside but by heart he is very much emotional and soft too.And i appreciate the way he keeps his attitude for those disgusting boys who don't know how to respect women, if i were in his place then i would have kept the same attitude as Raghu keeps for them.Man even i ever seen any chap like Raghu,He is versatile ,he Respects women,he is entertaining and talented.Seriously Sugandha(WIFE)is very lucky to have partner like him ,cuz its very difficult to search a deserving one in today's scenario ,And if a girl had a partner like Raghu then undoubtedly She would be the luckiest one.
    As i am very much fond of Roadies and specially Raghu used to add more flavour to it through his presence ,but in this audition Nikhil and both cyrus are handling very well but not better than him.i am missing him alot,even just cuz of Raghu i used to watch repeated episodes of Roadies many times but now i am not very much willing to watch it again and again ....................well this is a fact that no one can take his place as he is very special.
    well its around 2 am and i have said too much,and as usual feeling so sleepy ,so dear will catch you tomorrow again with a flare of joy till then bye keep smiling take good care of your self your family,friends and pets too....miss me as i alwayz miss you and love me cuz ma love is alwayz there with you love you all.have a beautiful night, sleep tight ....................may all your dreams come true

    Monday, November 16, 2009

    Today I got ma hand on...

    A very warm hi to all my coolest friends,SO today how you spent your Sunday ?
    well ma Sunday was not so special and i aint hanged out anywhere cuz of rains.....ya it was raining since afternoon till evening i think around 4 so i didn't feel to go out anywhere ..and that's a fact i feel at home at ma home.But that's ok atleast i cleaned ma book shalves today hehehehehe and you know what all of a sudden i got my hand on chetan Bhagat's Novel five point someone of ma favorite novel it is but again i went through it.i remmember the day when i read it first time the real sense it was the first novel i ever read because i was not very much fond of reading but chetan Bhagat's changed ma way of perception then i had gone through his 2 more novels one night at call centre and three mistakes of ma life but i like his five point some one, which was truely dedicated to the youth and freindship as well and you wont believe i completely drowned ma self while reading and infact ma expression were changing like anything somwhere i was imagining the the situation ..............if i talk about the character so man undoubtedly i would say i loved Ryan's character i mean Alok and hari were good but Ryan was outstanding who didn't care what others think about him,very true and real ,he was outspoken.He had the right attitude for his friends......Besdies i love operation pendulum and vodka both are superb i really enjoyed while reading.
    You know the best thing in chetanBhagat is that he knows what exactly a youth wants, he is simply perceptive.....he has food for the thoughts.Somewhere i admire him cuz of his great connectivity with youth, as far as interaction is concerend fabulous command he has over thoughts and language.
    And for me ChetanBhagat is the king of the castle of todays scenario (best writer or author of today's scenario) very much focused that's all about him.Ya i know there are many people who criticise alot,as i also faced the same situation when i appreciated him and someone said that i ain't gone through any other novels of the some great authors ever that's why appreciating chetanBhagat's novel,this was so stupid man for them there is one thing first writing a novel or a book or anything doesn't mean that you need to or have to use heavy words or vocabs or a language just to give a flavour to it ....but you need to write in such a way so that every one including a layman should enjoy it while reading.So in this way chetan Bhagat is ma favorite author of today's scenario
    Hey sometimes i feel i talk too much righto? And as well as show ma aggression too but don't worry for you i am always cool hehehehehehe anyways dear buddies i have to push miss me cuz i miss you and love me because ma love is alwayz with you i love all ..................May all your dreams come true ,,,,,,,,,,,have a beautiful night with Rocking dreams

    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    No one is better than you in this world

    helio ma sweetheart friends wassup?
    well m also doing GREAT and whole day i was at home spend some time with mum who is one of ma best friend ,i share small small things with her related to ma friends ,work and everything you can say,she is such a sweetheart............ i love to call her Maa Hey its really sound amazing no?well i call her by different names also depends upon mood sometimes mum,moms,mimi,ma pussy cat and ya one funny name and that's maate or mataraani cool no?Don't you think our mum love is one of the purest love of this entire universe?from the time when we were born till now she takes care of us without any feeling of expectations,she is perceptive knows about our needs.Even a word is not enough to describe about maa. If i talk about my mum then ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,she is extremely wonderful and i am extremely bad cuz every time i annoy her unnecessarily most of the time through ma mischievous activities and i don't know why she tolerates me ?But ya i know she loves me cuz after all i am her sweet little daughter hehehehehehe.Hey i am 24 but she treats me like a 1 year baby and sometime just like a new born baby ,,,,how to tell her mom plzzzzzzzzz don't worry i am grown up now so just take a chill pill, no matter how old are we 1-50 but for our mum we are alwayz kids ............that's called moms love and affection.i still remember few days back when i had gone to ujjain in ma maasi and maasaji's home after 15years i planned to stay there for 10 days at least but came back within 2 days just for mum cuz she was missing me badly and she said no need to stay there for so long just come back tomorrow its difficult to live without you ...........See man ....not this even if i go out somewhere in local ,i have to call her that mum i have reached safely don't worry at all .But somewhere i feel so good atleast i have someone who takes care of me more than anyone else who always stands by me through thick and thin........with whom i share ma secretes ,ma feelings ,there is someone who understands me and trusts me,she is always there to wipe ma tears when i cry...........from whom i have learnt alot in ma life .so for me my mom is MRS PERFECTIONIST and i know your mom too righto? i love ma mum alot and lucky to have such a most outstanding personality in ma life,yup but you know what i feel bad about some boys and girls they hide everything from their parents they think their parents would angry if they pour out their heart but dude you shouldn't forget one thing your parents are always with you specially mom whenever you will have any trouble in life,They are your true well wishers in the real sense and whenever you suffer from any problem or difficulty ,then ask them how much they feel pain inside whether they show that they are strong enough to face the situation just to encourage you .But the only need is to understand your parents and consider them as your bestfriends because friends will leave one day but parents will always stand by you or live with you ,so buddies develop some guts make a concrete bridge of trust between you and your parents try to understand them and make them understand too about your needs, your choice and each and everything that you want in your life specially in case of choosing a partner for you cuz no one is better counsellor than them in other word they are farsighted,at first sight they could judge your partner whether he or she is deserving or not.And they will take the right decision for you cuz they have experienced the scenario.So sweetheart fill the gape between you and your parents. Anyways its around 2:15 am and i am going to sleep so whatever i have discussed with you just think about it,i know you people are mature enough to take a right keep rocking, always miss me cuz i miss you ,love me because my love is always there with you i love you all, dream high and touch the sky may all your dreams come true have a beautiful night and sleep tight byebye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    Rocking time i had today

    Hi ma all coolest buddies how you doing ?

    you kn
    ow what sweethearts?
    i am terribly tired today.why?
    well today was one of ma friend niks b'day he invited me as a special guest yyeyeyeyeye yup and the second special guest was his one and only sweetest girlfriend nishtha. Actually he has many friends but he wanted both of us to make his day special,but we enjoyed alot firstly at ma home with mum and sis then we went to the bapu ki kuthiya previously it was dabbha which has converted into restaurant man seriously i love the food of that place pure veg and palatable wow yummmmmmyyyyyyy and i am a big foodie so it was just icing on the cake,still i can feel the wonderful taste on ma tong seriously after having heavy dinner we decided to have some coffee. so finally we went to the cafe coffee day ccd hey Do i need to tell any thing about ccd well i don't think so you must be aware of that ................A lot can happen over a coffee hahahaha just kidding its a punch line of ccd lolz you know it well.So where we were? Ya at ccd ,then what ?My all memories ma precious moments got rejuvenated again which i have spent with ma close,best buddies and ya one special buddy.cuz man after a long time i went there, last time when i had gone there with a special friend ,it was 11th of july 2009 6pm in the evening .hmmmmmmmmmm after that i ain't felt to go again,anyways let it be.So we enjoyed Cappuccino as i always demand for it. you know what i like about ccd ?Abviously the beautiful ambiance and the coffee too.But still something was missing there..............don't know what was ,there are few places in bhopal where i love to go 1stly ccd,cycle soup corner at 10 what to say about its sandwich and burger simply too words to say just amazing.Then i love to go bapu ki kuthiya for dinner,then milan near Mp nagar for soup.Amar bakery hut for masala dosa and rajma chawal,Pizza hut for Pizza hehehehe abviously yaar and that's all, besides i hardly go to anyother place except these.
    Anyways i was talking about his b'day so it was a great fun with 2 of them i really enjoyed ,Niks is one of the friend who always tries to make me feel special,ya we fight like anything cuz sometimes he irritates me by cracking the most pathatic jokes infront of me asusual nonsense (A complete cartoon character he is )but ya i know he wants me to smile everytime thats why he does all those irritating stuffs,he never keeps anything inside whatever comes on his tong he says whether good or bad doesn't think about anyone, about his girlfriend also.They fight terribly but i know both are very much committed for eachother and soon they are gonna marry ,after all ma best wishes are always with them ..................hehehehehe ya thats true cuz i know how much they are serious for eachother and i always pray for true lovers.SD the love guru ahem ahem ahem no yaar i am not its just a pj.How can i be .Even i cannot think about know something its around 1:10am, yes i have to sleep early anyhow lolzzz. SO SO SO with all those sweet talks lemme push off along with a promise tommorow will meet you same time same blog with a flare of joy.............till then miss me ,cuz i miss you and love me because i love you all keep smiling enjoy every moment take good care of your self,family ,friends and pets too byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    have a beautiful night with Rocking dreams.


    Friday, November 13, 2009

    आज क्या कहूँ यादों के बारे में

    मेरे प्यारे दोस्तों कैसे हो आप सब ,मैं तो बहुत अच्छी हूँ और मुझे लगता है कि आप भी मस्त होंगे ,सही कहाना मैंने खैर आज का दिन बड़ा ही अच्छा रहा पूरा दिन घर पर बिताया और अपने पुराने दोस्तों से बहुत सारी बातें की,बड़ा मज़ा आया पर आज मैंने सोचा कि आपसे कुछ अच्छी बातें की जाए कुछ ज्ञान की बातें की जायें जिससे आपको कुछ प्रेरणा मिले|आपको भी अच्छा लगे और मुझको भी अच्छा लगे हा हा हाहाहा तो आज हम बात करेंगे कुछ यादों के बारे में ....................................
    हमारी ज़िन्दगी में कई बार कुछ ऐसे मोड़ आते हैं जो हमे याद करने के लिए बस यादें दे जाते हैं |ये यादें खट्टी भी होसकती हैं और मीठी भी पर निर्भर करता है वक्त और हालत के ऊपर |जिनमे से कुछ यादें ऐसी होती है जो हमेशा ज़िन्दगी भर बरक़रार रहती हैं |और जब भी हम उन् पलों को याद करते हैं या तो खुशी या फिर गम से हमारी आंखे भर आती हैं |
    कुछ लोग कहते हैं कि हम क्यूँ उन बीती बातों को याद करतें हैं जो हमे दुख और तकलीफ के सिवा कुछ नही देती क्यूँ हमे अपना बीता हुआ कल य वक्त याद आजाता है जिसे हम भूलना चाहते हैं पर चाहकर भी भूल नही पाते जो हमे आंसू दुःख और दर्द के सिवा कुछ नही देता |
    ये शायद इसलिए होता है ,कि जब हम किसी ऐसी परस्थिति का सामना करते हैं (चाहे वो कोई भी हो) तो वो बात य पल हमारे दिल और दिमाग में घर कर जाता है जिसे चाहकर भी हम अपने ज़हन से नही नीकाल पाते |और जब हम कभी किसी ऐसी परस्थिति का सामना करते हैं जो हमारे गुज़रे हुए वक्त से मिलती जुलती है तो हमे न चाहते हुए भी अपने बीते हुए कल में जाना ही पड़ता है |और वो बातें वो पल जिन्हें हम याद भी नही करना चाहते हमारे सामने आजाते हैं और देजातें हमारी आँखों में दर्द भरे आंसू |
    जब हम दुखी होते हैं तो केवल अपने बुरे पलों को ही याद करते हैं और बेवजह अपनी आँखों को आंसू बाहने पर मजबूर कर देते हैं |और अपने दिल को तकलीफ पहुंचाते हैं |इन्सान चाहे कितना भी व्यावहारिक क्यूँ न हो पर उसके दिल में कहीं न कंही किसी न किसी कोने में ऐसी बात होती है जो उसकी भावनाओ के साथ जुड़ी हुयी होती है तब वो उन् बातों को याद करके वो वैसा ही महसूस करता है जैसा एक भावुक मूर्ख इन्सान |क्यूंकि दिल तो भगवान् ने सबको एक ही दिया है बस अन्तर सिर्फ़ इतना ही है कि कुछ लोग अन्दर बाहर दोनों से भावुक होते हैं और कुछ बाहर से सख्त और व्यावहारिक पर अन्दर से उतने कि कोमल |
    कैसी हम अपनी कड़वी यादों का सामना करे?

    बीते हुए वक्त को कोई भी नही भुला सकता और भुलाना भी नहि चाहिए क्यूंकि कई बार हमारे बीते हुए वक्त कि कड़वी यादें हमे कमियाबी के मुकाम तक पहुँचा देती हैं |हमे अच्छे बुरे में फर्क करना सिखातीं हैं ,लेकिन उन यादों को दिल से कभी नही लगाना चाहिए उन्हें हमेशा दिमाग में रखकर ज़िन्दगी के अच्छे पलों में शामिल करलेना चाहिए |और ये बात कभी भी नही भूलना चाहिए कि जो कुछ भी होता है अच्छे के लिए होता है |
    क्यूंकि सुख और दुःख दोनों ही धूप औरछाँव के सामान हैं , सुख के पीछे दुःख और दुःख के पीछे सुख आता ही है |ठीक उसी तरह से जिस तरह से हर रात के बाद सुबह और हर सुबह के बाद रात होती है |यदि हम अपने विचारों को इस तरह से सकारात्मक बनाये कि आज हम जिस बुरे वक्त के दौर से गुज़र रहे हैं ,तो कल हमारा अच्छा वक्त भी आयेगा क्यूंकि हर दिन एक जैसा नही रहता BECAUSE "THERE IS A LONG WAY TO GO "........ तो हम अपनी ज़िन्दगी में बहुत कुछ कर सकते हैं |

    आज दुनिया में जितने भी कामियाब लोग हैं उनकी ज़िन्दगी में कुछ ऐसे पल और कड़वी यादें होंगी जिन्हें याद करके वो भी दुखी होते होंगे उनकी भी आंखें भर आती होंगी ,पर आज वो कामयाबी कि चोटी पर इसलिए हैं क्यूंकि उन्होंने अपने बीते वक्त कि बुरी यादों को अपनी कमजोरी नही अपनी ताकत बनाया |और यदि वो उन् यादों को अपने दिल पान्हा देदेते तो शायद आज वो जिस मुकाम पर हैं वंहा नही होते वो बस उन यादों को याद कर के किसी कोने में गुम होजाते उनकी शक्सियत कभी सामने नही आपाती और कामयाबी कि सीढियां चढाना तो दूर वो सपने में भी कामयाब नही बन पाते|बुरे पलों और यादों से हमेशा हमे बहुत कुछ सीखने के लिए मिलता है और मुझे लगता है कि शायद आज जो बातें मैंने आपसे की वो कंही न कंही आपके भविष्य में काम आयेंगी |वैसे अभी सुबह के २ बज चुके हैं और मैंने भी आपको कुछ बातों के द्वारा अपनी ज़िन्दगी के अनुभवों से रूबरू करवाया|तो अब मुझे आप इजाज़त दीजिये कल फिर मिलेंगे इसीके साथ मुझे याद करते रहिये क्यूंकि मैं आपको याद करती हूँ मुझे प्रेम करते रहिये क्यूंकि मैं आप सभी से बहुत प्रेम करती हूँ |तो शुभरात्रि शब्बा खैर रखिये अपना और अपनों का ख्याल
    "श्रद्धा "

    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    Something is Missing...............

    Amis Salut chérie ce qui se passe ,hey dear what happened didn't get what i said ................well i said hi darling buddies what's going on ?so have you all had your dinner ?ya i know you all had.well if you remember so last night i told you about an incident of ma college group rain n all and see its raining today ahem ahem ahem and i am sure tomorrow Bhopal gonna look awesome , fog all around.i wish i could enjoy this morning but i am not well ,cold n all poor luck man but no probs i will gaze the beautiful scene from ma window that would be cool no?

    Today after a long time i had a words with ma college friend Nikita a part of our group which i had given a description of friends she is one of them i felt so good cuz it was a long chit chat with her actually we used to share very good rapo with each other still we share.Then she said that shraddha whether you are not in touch with us but still we talk about you and your achievements,about your job and career and we are very happy to see you stable.And you know what instead of being happy i felt bad because in final year 2008 when they used freak out together that time i was concentrating on ma career as i got the job soon.So i used to spend ma life between college to office to home and that is only the reason when they were enjoying i was not part of it.But today i miss ma group alot like anything and the time which i couldn't spend with them and see everyone has got busy in their career and we are not in touch except the few,But there is one bestfriend whom i miss alot and that's swati sharma nick name Monty.She was a complete tomboy chubby looks n all.Oh man the coolest time i had spent with her its just .............too good even i am spell bound she was a girl who always stood by me in times of sorrow and happiness ,we used to sit together even she was this much possessive for me that she never used to allow me talking to anyone else when she was there,Hey hey hey she was ma bestfriend ok so don't take it in wrong sense.I still remember the yummy samosas of our college canteen and some time we used to go the top n town and enjoyed the flavour of black current but she loved the blend of every flavour,strawberry ,chocolate,vanilla,black current,casata n yummmyyyyyyyyyyyy ,and that was the sign of our strong friendship whatever we had we used to share related to eating stuffs or other like books ,notes, everything.But right now i am not in touch with her cuz i don't have her contact no.even no one knows.I really miss her pressence...........and wanna go back to her, and ma college life too.
    Life is so strange no......sometimes when we have everything we don't have bestfriends but sometimes when we don't have anything we have our all weather same with me when i have a great career some of ma best friends are missing,when i didn't have the career they were with me.still they are but not in the way when we used be.I know some of you are missing your friends and the same college life which you used to have like me Right?
    But those who are still enjoying their college life one suggestion for them keep enjoying and along with making your career keep in touch with those buddies who are close to you and special as well.
    Cuz time never comes back once you loose it you will miss it forever.well its around 1:20am asusual feeling sleepy have a great night keep rocking alwayz miss me ,cuz i miss u and love me because ma love is always there with you i love you all.Takegood care of yourself and your family, friends your pets too hahahahahahaahaha

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    "Enjoy every Moment as the best Moment of your life"

    Hi my sweetheart chums wassup ?Is Everything great no?hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    well so sorry for yesterday ,i know you might have been thought that i have forgotten to write as i promised you all, day before yesterday to make u smile righto with ma cool talks?Actually my pc had some prob that's why couldn't come online but i seriously felt bad about it missed you alot ma blog too.Nevertheless lets talk something good yup. Hey you know what ?Today's weather was so good i mean damn romantic and as Bhopal is one of the most enchantingly beautiful city ,city of lake so its just like icing on the cake.Such a sissling combination of romantic weather+beautiful lake city+winter season=complete fun or enjoyment or fultoo aish.Even lovers i mean couples are too smarter no, cuz they never miss the chance to hang around together.
    But today i missed ma college group ,I was in MLB college which is girls college or can say non-coed in other word or sentence you can also say that "ENTRY OF BOYS ARE COMPLETELY PROHIBITED"now this is what we called food for the thoughts hahahahaha.Though it was and it is girls college but we had a cool group(me.swati sharma,swati verma,neha verma,neha jain.nikita,mitali,farheen,farha.) among the crowd even we were the Cinesor of an all eye from every aspects ,hey i am not exaggerating ma group or maself,i am just telling you the fact guys even sometimes we used to bunk the lectures and go the lake view wow and then what you could imagine,hey i tell you one of the incident of our biggest stupidity,it was a rainy season and our semesters were around at corner and we all planned to go to the upper lake and had fun n all .So asusaul bunked our chemistry lecture and reached to the upper lake,all of a sudden rain started and we got dranched into the rain badly,still we enjoyed like anything and you people know the tandency of boys when they see the group of cats i mean cool cool girls they cannot stop themselves making passes at them,so the same thing happened with us ,but we were entirely different from the others cuz we never used to take interest in al those stuffs specially those kindda boys whether they were handsome hunk like salman either imran hashmi we used to be ourselves more ,i mean chit chat,having fun n all.Anways after having masti all together we decided to go back to the college but these boys were so much caring and loving too they started coming along with us i mean those donkeys were started stalking us with compliments n all,but we ignored them cuz some where we knew this fact if we say any thing to them then we will invite them more so better to ignore them.Somehow we reached back to our college with our wet stuffs attires n was around 3 pm for our Botany practical class which was very important for all of us because our practical marks were depending upon it so we had to attend it,But we were in the dilemma how to enter into practical room with wet attires and we were shivering also,so finally we got some courage and fearlessly entered into the practical room and made some gudie gudie slides then what? our faculty got happy even she forgot to ask where we are coming from and how we got drenched n all.Finally we all had got a sign of relief and decided to freak out next when there would be rain but no lectures or practical class.Hey that was simply a watchful moment or day of our life where we enjoyed or came in a fix too cuz of our botany practical which we had to attend with our wet cloths hahahahahaha.Besides school life college life is a life of joy and one mustn't miss to relish it to the fullest,Am i right?yup i am always right just kidding yaar.Hey sweetheart buddies its around 2:30am and i am going to sleep cuz have to wake up early ,so have a great beautiful night and morning too.. keep dreaming enjoy every moment of your life, miss me alwayz i miss u too love me alwayz cuz i love you all ..................

    Monday, November 9, 2009

    Love for you forever

    Hi my all lovable friends whats going on ?
    yaar today ma cousins came to home and it was a great fun with them,after all sunday is all about fun day right no?you know what our life teaches alot whatever happens good or bad with us ,gives a new experience to know the world and makes us learn too ,so same with me as i told you before what sort of person i was previously (highly extrovet ,out social or sociable) but ma past few years or few months experience taught me this much that i have changed ma nature completely .Ya i am still friendly but for those whom i know very well,and you know what one thing i have observed especially in case of girls if you are very nice or please to everyone,and like a open book then lolz you need to change yourself cuz this world is not of your type to survive...................And this is what i have learnt. There are people who take you other wise just cuz of your genuine attitude whether you are very honest or clear from both the side it doesn't make any difference to them they see your outer nature (the way you are .... full on bindas with others, extrovert out social or out going,your dress up ,blah blah blah)and they figure out your personality in a wrong way .so stop being nice with everyone because people don't deserve this ,better to keep a very strong attitude ,try to be more introvert and mysterious so that no one would able to judge your personality .keep your bublyness or vivaciousness inside,Cuz this is something what people take in a wrong way.Anyways let it be .
    Now Lets talk about the same chapter love in air ,hey i feel so good when i see the true lovers i means its really difficult in today's world to find the real love couples who make their love successful and create the history.Where there are people who spend years of time together but don't understand whether they love or not ...........see the stupidity.But i know only one thing which applies for friend or lover that is, if tears come out of your eyes just to miss someone and you don't know the reason why you are crying for that one it means you love that person and for whom you are shattering your precious tears which are like pearls.Because we cannot cry for every one except those who are very close to our heart.Even i cried alot for those who were close to me and i used to love them like anything whether i talk about my special friend or a boyfriend but .But ma badluck there was no value of ma tears.sometimes people think your tears and you both are fake, how to tell them how much they are important for you .As i have spent 24 summers in this planet where i found some best buddies who are still with me ,and some buddies who were the best and special ones but gone away.some buddies who tried to be good but they were fake.Everyone of them friends or boyfriend given me the best lesson of my life and i really learnt alot from both .Its really strange to know,some people get the best ones as such they dont't deserve and those who deserve they don't get.And i am one of them as i always wanted someone special with whom i could spend ma whole life,but i was and am not lucky in that relation hahahahahaha.But i know love is a beautiful feeling.Only true lovers know this.Going for a long walk hand in hand with your partner ,sharing every moment of your life,getting desperate for his or her one glimpse,then waiting for his call,missing the memorable moments that you have spent together,remembering the sweet talks and then shattering tears,love to care for him ,and doing creative things to make him feel special ...... that is all love,which u feel not for every one but only for whom you love and someone who is special to you .Love doesn't mean going for dating ,throwing party or giving or taking gifts,Its a feeling or emotion that nuture inside our heart.I don't know after a long time tears are coming out from ma eyes, getting so emotional,but happy too cuz i have shared ma feeling with you through ma blog as i don't know who reads it or not but it doesn't matter to me cuz i love to write atleast for ma self,because ma blog is ma best friend and have become a very special part of ma life.The day when i don't write any thing or don't get the time to write cuz of ma rushie-rushie life, i realy don't feel good,that time i feel something is missing or ma day is incomplete that's why some how i take time to write ,most of ma friends have stopped talking to me because they think i don't have time to talk to them online,But that's also okhe with me because my blog is ma first priority .And writing a blog or diary or anything isn't anyone cup of tea,cuz it needs emotion and feeling or ya food for the thoughts .i don't say i am a good writer but i can write something, at least express ma self through ma compositions or thoughts cuz i know i have emotions and feelings too.Well love is a part of everyone's life but some value it or some not.Love is immortal or everlasting.Hey i think i have created very emotional atmosphere around.Nevertheless tomorrow i will surely talk something happening that could make you smile..................well i think that's enough for today catch you tomorrow with a till then bye have a rocking beautiful night keep smiling miss me- i miss u too and love me because i love you all :)

    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Love for you forever

    Hey guys wassup ?
    hmmmmmmmm i know i know you all doing great anyways,last night we discussed about love n all and i left it in between,so lemme resume it again.
    If we talk about the age between 15-18 so teenagers are generally infatuated with their crushes and feel that they are in love therefore they develop strong feelings for their crush,well that's quite natural cuz it usually happens in this age,everyone of us has experienced it well ,Am i right?But it lives no longer ,when they come to know about the real fact.if i talk about ma crush so it would be a long list of ma endless crushes but i generally used to have crushes with cricketers in the class 8th that period of time, i was terribly fond of cricket .Ma first crush was Ajay Jadega Man he was like anything to me ,i had created a fantasy world around me for him ,where i used to dreaming about him we cycled together everyday hahahahaha ,and i had a huge collection of his pics.But the time when he involved in match fixing ma heart got broken.and ma affection for him turned into hate..................after i realized that it was just an attraction which i strongly had for him.Hey do you remember the time between 10-12th std.when we people had crush with the student of other section or class ,recess time ........exchanging the glances ,passing smile or comments,then waiting for his or her reaction,finding many stupid or silly reasons to go to his section talking to his friends,make him feel jealous, then stealing the glances ,speically boys generally have crushes with their subject teacher and the reasons of affection for her hmmmmmmmmmmm ,lemme give you the list of it ...
    1. her dressing sense specially sari,punjabi suit that really attracts boys (A complete indian women)
    2. Her beautiful features
    3. Then silky long hair
    4. body launguage the way she carries her self gracefully
    5. The way she speaks or either shouts at them
    1. 6.her oomph s (an expression ,usually beautiful girls have can say dynamic)
    overall we can say she is like an Angel and now see the tendancy of boys they desperately wait for her arrival and once she enters into the class room then they simply get a sign of relief like that haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and now they pretend that they are one of the most decent and studious student of the class( no one can beat them)as they are not ,sitting keep quiet n all,and the most funniest thing is -only in her period they have the answer of every questions she asks.well that's a part of life it has its own charm.such beautiful unforgettable moments.cooooooooooooollllllllll no?That is called teenage.

    Besides sometimes we share platonic relationship with someone. where we love eachother but don't have any romantic feelings.hmmmmmmmmmmmmm wow that sounds really cool cuz platonic relationship comes up with friendship.we love our best friends and share good rapo,we don't have feelings of romance but still love them like anything.Any ways right now i have food for the thoughts even wanna talk more about it but what to do its around 1:40 AM asusal feeling so sleepy huh, but tommorow will talk over the same problem oh sorry i mean topic love and i will also reveal something about me so have a great sleep ...............i love you all asusual hahahahahah stay tune with me forever .