Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rocking time i had today

Hi ma all coolest buddies how you doing ?

you kn
ow what sweethearts?
i am terribly tired today.why?
well today was one of ma friend niks b'day he invited me as a special guest yyeyeyeyeye yup and the second special guest was his one and only sweetest girlfriend nishtha. Actually he has many friends but he wanted both of us to make his day special,but we enjoyed alot firstly at ma home with mum and sis then we went to the bapu ki kuthiya previously it was dabbha which has converted into restaurant man seriously i love the food of that place pure veg and palatable wow yummmmmmyyyyyyy and i am a big foodie so it was just icing on the cake,still i can feel the wonderful taste on ma tong seriously after having heavy dinner we decided to have some coffee. so finally we went to the cafe coffee day ccd hey Do i need to tell any thing about ccd well i don't think so you must be aware of that ................A lot can happen over a coffee hahahaha just kidding its a punch line of ccd lolz you know it well.So where we were? Ya at ccd ,then what ?My all memories ma precious moments got rejuvenated again which i have spent with ma close,best buddies and ya one special buddy.cuz man after a long time i went there, last time when i had gone there with a special friend ,it was 11th of july 2009 6pm in the evening .hmmmmmmmmmm after that i ain't felt to go again,anyways let it be.So we enjoyed Cappuccino as i always demand for it. you know what i like about ccd ?Abviously the beautiful ambiance and the coffee too.But still something was missing there..............don't know what was ,there are few places in bhopal where i love to go 1stly ccd,cycle soup corner at 10 what to say about its sandwich and burger simply too words to say just amazing.Then i love to go bapu ki kuthiya for dinner,then milan near Mp nagar for soup.Amar bakery hut for masala dosa and rajma chawal,Pizza hut for Pizza hehehehe abviously yaar and that's all, besides i hardly go to anyother place except these.
Anyways i was talking about his b'day so it was a great fun with 2 of them i really enjoyed ,Niks is one of the friend who always tries to make me feel special,ya we fight like anything cuz sometimes he irritates me by cracking the most pathatic jokes infront of me asusual nonsense (A complete cartoon character he is )but ya i know he wants me to smile everytime thats why he does all those irritating stuffs,he never keeps anything inside whatever comes on his tong he says whether good or bad doesn't think about anyone, about his girlfriend also.They fight terribly but i know both are very much committed for eachother and soon they are gonna marry ,after all ma best wishes are always with them ..................hehehehehe ya thats true cuz i know how much they are serious for eachother and i always pray for true lovers.SD the love guru ahem ahem ahem no yaar i am not its just a pj.How can i be .Even i cannot think about know something its around 1:10am, yes i have to sleep early anyhow lolzzz. SO SO SO with all those sweet talks lemme push off along with a promise tommorow will meet you same time same blog with a flare of joy.............till then miss me ,cuz i miss you and love me because i love you all keep smiling enjoy every moment take good care of your self,family ,friends and pets too byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
have a beautiful night with Rocking dreams.


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