Thursday, November 26, 2009

What your dreams indicate you.........................

hi hello to all my lovely fellows what's up ,awesome no??????????
Hey don't you think our dreams indicate something,whether it is positive or negative but definitely there is something behind these dreams.After the research on dreams philosophy i have come up with a conclusion that yes there are certain dreams which are related to our daily routine activities and things that goes on in our mind in addition there are some dreams that work as fortune teller and make us aware from the present and future happenings either good or bad.But the only need is to understand their indications ..........I know most of you have a questions in your mind,How to understand their sign.So buddies no probs today i am going to make you aware from those indications..........
Well sometimes we dream that we are climbing upstairs ....the sign of upstairs is a symbol of progress ,so this means you are going to achieve something or you are reaching towards the summit of success.Contrast if you are climbing downstairs then be careful cuz it shows you are on the path of decadence.Same if you dream that you are flying like a bird that means you are going to get a good news .On other hand if you dream you are falling down then it itself shows demotion, perhaps you would face some failures and downfall.
If you dream that you're getting stuck in a quagmire then man you have to be cautious,this means you are falling into a very big trouble.
if you see dogs in your dreams this means someone is going to be your friend very soon (a new friend) .In case if you see dogs are biting you then this time you have to be very very careful ..............cuz your friends are planning(plotting) against you or about to betray you. where cat indicates,again your enemies are going to come in your way or soon you meet them.
Where owl indicates Contingency money is going to benefit you.Snake is also a symbol of success or a good news where evil spirit,brides or marriage give inauspicious indication.If you see someone's death that means his age has increased,besides denominational or row of a people sitting at a meal indicates that you going to receive the news of someone's death in family or in relatives.Deceased relative and family member,dream of celebrity, deity are the sign of good indications.
Rain in your garden is portentous,rain in the whole town is a sign of happiness .
so these are the dreams which we usually see.....i hope there are many things which have been cleared now righto?And next time when you see any of those dreams then it will be more easier to understand their indications .Anyways anyways anyways its around 12:30 am and i am very tired too so lets call it a day with great hopes and sweet smile ,till then take good care of your self,your family,friends and pets.Miss me cuz i always miss you and love me cuz ma love is always there with you i love you all .Have a beautiful night and sleep tight ,may all your dreams come true.................

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