Friday, November 20, 2009

Say what you feel is right

A very sweet hi to all ma lovable buddies ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how are you fantastic no?yup i know i know you all are doing superb yeyeyeyeye.
Anyways few min back one of ma friend asked hey shraddha today what you are gonna write in your blog ,i said well i don't know.....................then he said yaar common don't tell me i mean without thinking how could you write ,and you know what i replied ?i told him hey bhaggu while writing i don't think cuz this is something what i feel and share .
well that's a fact before saying or writing something you should think about it atleast once as far as compositions are concerned so ya i accept we need to think about it,but while writing and sharing your life or thoughts with someone if you think then sorry to say in ma opinion you are not real ,i means you don't feel anything, you are just pretending.Even if i talk about ma personal life so most of the time it happened when people took me otherwise cuz of ma outspoken or straight forward nature.Ya i never tried to hurt anyone but i never flattered anyone.
I don't know why people cannot accept the reality they always want to listen goodie goodie things from your side and in case if you make them aware of the reality then Man they simply take you otherwise and think that you are wrong and you want to humiliate them or let them down.What's that? Even there is a old saying in hindi "निंदक नियरे रखिये आंगन कुटी छवाए बिन साबुन पानी बिना निर्मल करत सुभाए "this means Keep a critic near you in your backyard for they will help you cleanse yourself without soap and water.But people are people to make them understand ?And If they want to live in utopia, then what we can do.The truth will always be a reality and someway or the other you have to accept it.Even in ma first job i never had a fear of anyone i said what i had to said ,and what i felt was right.I know there were some who used to hate me cuz of ma outspoken nature,but cuz of them i couldn't change ma nature.Even i hate those who flatter their boss Unnecessarily whether he is wrong.cuz according to them boss is always right.what the hell is this ?i don't understand why people do that just to be good in front of boss.Maybe they do not know that by doing so they themselves are taking the wrong path or direction.
You probably do not believe but yes there are some people who are my enemies and the reason is my candid nature. If today I would like those then I had one of their well-wishers.but i might be one of the most disgusting person of the world.Today i am very happy and proud of maself cuz of ma self esteem which i always maintained i never let ma self down in ma own eyes.
I feel one should always keep this attitude ......................Because this is the real essence of life and that we should learn,well i know today i have bored you alot,but those were ma feelings which i had to express without thinking hahahahahhaha well this the way i am lolz .anyways i am pushing off cuz feeling so sleepy till then bye miss me cuz i miss you love me cuz ma love is alwayz there with you i love all take good care of yourself ,your family,friends and pets.Have a beautiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams comes true.

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