Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is what we call" Sleep Tight"..............

A very cool cool hi to all ma darling how was your day ??????????
Well today I took a break from work and slept whole day.................but Man i must say Sleep comes very well in winter season,Therefore i slept for 4-5 hours seriously such a beautiful sleep i had today.
And you know what if i were given one wish ,then i would wish to sleep in ma entire life without any disturbance and tensions. Even i know most of the sleep lovers would wish the same righto ?????haahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!I know most of you have a question in your mind .........why this!!!!!!! why not other.......So i would say few months back i had forgotten what is sleep and cuz of this i suffered a lot and ma daily routine was badly affected..........Some how I took control over it , managed ma schedule in a proper way and see right now ma life is truly going on the right track.I take healthy sleep with sweet dreams due to which i enjoy ma life more.But finally i have learnt a lesson no matter how odd the situation is, but it should not impact on our lifestyle cuz some way or the other it would badly affect you.I have experienced it very well keep this lesson in your mind too.
Hey don't you think life of infants or kids is far much better than us i literally feel jealous cuz they nap so well ...............No tensions,no problems,no disturbance,no all...really they don't have any work to do except sleeping.....whatever happens in the world they don't care like "मस्त राम मस्ती में, आग लगे बस्ती में" .
Even during sleeping, you must have noticed one thing that they always smile... as they are enjoying a wonderful trip of paradise.sho shhhhhweetttt no they simply look so cute ,so lovely. yup and that time i feel very good to pry them.
Well well well after talking so much about sleep sleep and sleep .....i am feeling sleepy like anything so i am going to take sweet lovely beautiful nap will catch you tomorrow till then bye take good care of your self, your family,friends and pets and and and don't forget to miss me cuz i miss you all and keep loving me cuz i love you all.Have a beautiful night and sleep tight may all your dreams come true .

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