Saturday, November 21, 2009

What happens when planetary postion changes.......

A very happy Sunday to all ma darling sweetheart friends so what's new in life ,enjoying weekend ,with your nearest and dearest one's righto?hmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh ya i know you must be having fun around,and some of you will be making plan to hangout with your chum's right?
But i spend ma Sunday very differently,mostly at home cuz i feel at home at ma home...then some net surfing,talking with old friends,then finish ma pending work that's it can say i spend ma Sunday monotonously....even i don't plan anything new.I don't know why but it is only the day which i really don't want to come.i feel so bore for no reason ,it seems so stupid no?Anyways i aint any work to do so i thought to have some chit chat with ma cool buddies and that's you all.
Hey have you ever noticed ,that in a week there are some days which are lucky for us from every aspects and we get happy inside.On other hand there are some days which are unlucky for us and we feel very bad for no reason.Do you know why it happens?I don't know how many of you believe in astrology but according to astrologers , when we are born,then according to our birth time and day every planet takes its own place (house)in our horoscope which could be good for us and worse,depends upon the position, in which house they are taking their place and with the passage of time planetary position also changes which effects our behavior,nature,way of thinking or perception and not only this our destiny varies cuz of planetary positions.See you can take the example of our personal life .....................sometimes when we put lot of efforts to achieve something we give our 100%nonetheless, we do not succeed in that,On the other hand sometimes we easily get success without putting any effort or hard work,some people are born with silver spoons who would not have to struggle in life.And some people are such whose entire life is left in the struggle,sometime it happens when the rich becomes poor and poor becomes rich.So what is all our luck and our planetary position................Think about it?????????????????How does it happen well there are many reasons behind which i would like to discuss with but from tommorow ma schedule is gonna change so i have to sleep earlier cuz have to wake up earlier but we will continue it tomorrow for sure till then bye take good care of yourself,your family,friends and pet .Miss me cuz i miss you, love me cuz ma love is always there with you ,i love you all.Have a beautiful night sleep tight.May all your dreams cum true

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