Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My love

I remember the day when i held u tight
And slept with you whole night
I woke up and found you beside
And searched the right place where you could reside.
Everyday i share my life and thoughts with you
But sometimes my anger burst on you.
How could you tolerate me so long
when you know that i am wrong.
sometimes i hurt like anything
But you don't say a word to me as you know everything.
you know what?
i love you from the bottom of my heart
because you are my personal dairy sweetheart.
you are so precious to me Honey
And worth more than money.
I promise i won't leave you ever,
Because we are friends forever....................

I know after going through the whole composition some where you would have thought that i am talking about my partner with whom i have spent some precious moments n all,,,right? And i am sure you would have definitely pulled your hair when i revealed the fact about my personal diary hahahahahaha so sweethearts this is the way i am .......................u know something this is the wonderful thing in me that my love is extreme for those ones and those things who are close to me.And the same with ma personal diary with which i have shared half of ma good times, ma worst and most memorable moments,my past relations , about ma friends bestones and worstones,"MY DIARY KNOWS EVERYHING".I don't know whether you like my composition or not but that was my feeling towards my diary which i have shared with have a great night keep rocking


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