Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"The toast of beer"

Once i had a Toast of beer
I found its taste awful and the situation was weired.
I told this to my mom with no fear.
She took my class badly,
But somewhere i was happy
cuz i told this fact courageously.
I went to the temple and apologized in front of Bajarangbali.
And tried to convince mom by saying you are so sweet, so lovely.
She showed her anger and said,you know you are a fool.
Then i hugged her and said hey forget mom,just be cool.
That night i got a bad headache.
Thanks to God it was not a heart attack.
so that was a first and last toast of beer
Its taste was really awful and situation ...................obviously weired.
well this was my first secrete.
And revealing this fact made me feel great.

When we cross our teenage obviously we want to have some adventure in our life ,so whatever seems great we go through that,or in other way we can we totally experiment with new stuffs around right?Thus the same thing happened with me , in the age of 17 or 18, it was summer and i was simply enjoying ma vacation,even wanted to do something great.so i mugged up the names of most of the Drinks ,that time Haywards 5000 and Haywards 10000 were in vogue and that was my wish to have it once in a life time ,finally i got a chance in such a way, one of ma younger cousin came to our home and we just planned out to have it together .I cannot explain the moment i had it ,when i just took a one sip .................The feeling which came out from inside it was yukkkkkkkkkkkkk shey terribly yuk even no words to say about it, some how i finished one glass at least,but didn't find my self happy at all.As i share everything to my family so finally i decided to told this fact to mom ,OH God the time when said hey mom i had a toast of beer her anger burst out like anything, she said are you crazy or out of your mind ,then i said sorry and promised her not to have it again ,even i apologized in front of Bajarangbali also .it was simply a terrible situation cuz i got a bad headache, whole night i didn't sleep properly ,feeling was most awful just cuz of its taste.So that was first and the last toast of beer.hahahahaha.Hope you would relish this composition and ma revealing secrete too.And one more thing this poetry is truely dedicated to all the buddies who had their first toast.



  1. I don't know how to give a comment but i appreciate your feeling


  2. very intoxicating, having seriousness of a child in futile things. waise ye koi secret nahi tha ye tu sab hi karte honge kabhi na kabhi

  3. sir ji karte honge bt ye bandiyon da mamla hai samjho bhawanao ko vo bhi bhopaliiiiiiiiii hahah