Friday, October 16, 2009

State of my mind

Loneliness is all around,

can anyone tell where it has found.

Life is full of stress,But i want to play with it

like a game of chess.

All friends of mine are truly divine,

But i want someone special to be... mine.

Everything is going so far.

Sometimes i feel that i am coming from a big war

i wanna chase my aim,

which can gimme lot of fame.

i know it needs lot of efforts ,

But after achieving my aim, life would be full of comfort.

I wrote this composition in the time of Dilemma where i was very confused towards my career i didn't know what to do or what not,cuz that time i was too much concerned about my career but wasn't have any idea about where to go.Sometimes this sort of situation comes across in our life , where we have options but have confusions for the right one to choose.For all buddies i would like to suggest please be focused towards your aim or career cuz it is very important to know what exactly we want in our life,every second is precious so give value or importance to your keep rocking

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