Thursday, October 8, 2009

My sweet Mermories of Popcorn

Sweet Memories of Popcorn will never be gone,
Where i had a great time around.
Ultimate fun with best buddies,
On Air duty with lots of masties.
Rj's of Popcorn kisi se nahi hai kam.
Like a Fabulous synchronization of cold drink in Rum.
I loved to Say Good Morning Bhopal.
After all it is a city of beautiful taal.
Sikku was my True friend there
Who used to do lovely care.
Special-friend (***) was my stress buster,
But now our friendship has been cleaned
Like black board from a duster.
Some Sweet memories like cadburries,
Some teekhi memories like red chillies.
I wish i could stay there for so long
But now its time to Rock On.
Sometimes we have to compromise with our emotions
Because life has its Various rotations
Love for popcorn will never die
Its aroma will always spread around
like a aroma of garam chai.
Popcorn is my first plate form,
Where i got such a Wonderful experience
like a sweet corn.

Popcorn Rocks when Rj talks,and That's why
Sweet memories of popcorn will never be gone
Where i had a great time around.

So stay tune to Radio Popcorn 90.4fm masti ki paathshala.

I still Remember the day 01-02-2008 when i became a part of Radio Popcorn 90.4fm and spent ma most memorable time till 1.3year, 18 days,where i enjoyed the flavor of conducive atmosphere and Rjng,such a unforgettable experience i got.You know what i miss the most " The biggest studio", Console, mic and the headphone OH YA ma cabin too,which were ma true friends besides some all weather pals i got who are still with me.One special Friend who became such a wonderful part of ma life too soon....but gone too soon,well there is a old saying in Hindi "JO HAI VO APNA HAI ,AUR JO JA CHUKA VO SAPNA HAI"so same with me also.By the way everything is special in Radio Popcorn though its a Community FM channel but its simply too good,whether we talk about shows or either RJ's everything is perfect and outstanding over there. Radio popcorn has the biggest studio of MP,Even a word isn't enough to describe its beautiful ambiance. That's why i miss popcorn a lot and i hope u would like this composition which is written by me (by heart).



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  1. this composition is like an umbrella, saving you from the heat and rain which is out at the same time letting you enjoy them.