Friday, October 9, 2009

"Ultimate Dreams"

Whenever the sun rises,
it gives light and shines my sight.
Whenever the stars Twinkle at night,
They make me bright.
Whenever the drop comes in my hand,
It gives me lot of fame.
Once upon a time an Idea came in my mind that,
I should fly like a bird
No one could dare to stop me in this world.
Life is a beautiful stream but,
My aim is not just a dream.
That is why,i always say.
Keep your dreams.
And make your way.

Life is all about winning,loosing and dreaming.....sometimes we win ,sometimes we loose and most of the time ,we dream to become something in our life,For this we put lot of efforts to make our dream come true.In this composition i have given the description of sun,starts and the rain drop,and their presence as a motivational factor in my life. The line -I wanna fly like a bird ,no one could dare to stop me in this world,tells that i want to touch the great height of success where no one could dare to stop me. I hope you would relish my composition.So keep dreaming and hit your target.....


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