Friday, October 9, 2009

A Best friend in my imagination

A beautiful friend came in my life
who moved my destiny towards light
At first to him i couldn't recognize
After i saw myself towards the bright side
I asked his name in a lovely way
He said i am Miracle came from high way.
I asked him where are you from?
He replied where's the happiness all around
Then he caught a drop of rain into his hand
And showed my destiny which was full of fame.
Then he got disappeared, in the air
I realized an angel has gone from my life
With whom i couldn't walk for a while.
I hope i will meet him very soon
where we could see the beautiful moon.
Then I'll tell him my dreams have come true
Because I've got a best friend and That is you.
No idea what he says,
But i will tell him I am shraddha and that's my way.

This composition has a very deep feeling and emotion (for a true best friend),which gives a beautiful lesson of true relation and that's why i have used my all imaginations to make it real or pious,In such a way that a person comes in my life and we become friends,i talk to him and meet him.on one hand where i am taking him casually on other hand he is enlightening my life and thoughts .i am unaware from the fact that i am grooming day by day because of him,everyday he makes me so special by doing different things, i am gaining my confidence and one day i reach to the height of success where i have everything in life,but i don't have him because he has gone to some other place.then i realize that whatever i have achieved in my life only because of him and how much he is mean to me or important for me.Everyday i only pray to God for his arrival so that i could tell him, how much he is important for me,he is not only a friend but he is my true best friend whom i love a lot.

Life is incomplete without best friends,because we share everything to them, or can say we pour out our heart to them who never divulge our secrets to anyone,whenever we face some tough situations or go through bad times they always stand by us through thick and thin.Friendship is such a pure relation that we share with our best ones only,and according to me those who have got true best friends in their life ,are very lucky,Everyday we meet and talk to different people, if we feel that we are sharing a good rapo with each other then we become friends.But in case of best friends sharing a good rapo isn't enough, in this relation we share our whole life. once your love can leave you in between,in unfavorable conditions but true best friend will always live with you or stand by always keep a special place for them in your heart and give them importance too.
Hope you would relish my composition.


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