Thursday, December 3, 2009

Control your emotions.............

A sweet ,cute,lovely,crispy,crunchy and a very warm hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to all ma darling buddies....
Hey our life teaches everything right? And i think we should learn those things from our past experiences ,sometimes we perlustrate good phase of life and sometimes difficult ,but one thing which needs to learn is that in our good times we shouldn't be happy too much cuz you never know what is next and in tough times we shouldn't be dishearten ,cuz both the phases give a very beautiful lesson .
Now the question is why shouldn't be too much happy from our success and why shouldn't be too much sad from our failures.So too much of everything is dangerous, if we are very much glade then sometimes we become arrogant and others seem to degrade that time we forget everything good or bad ,who is our well wisher and who is not,and this is only thing that takes or shows us the path of destruction.So try to keep your happiness to yourself.
Now the second question is why we shouldn't be too much sad in our tough times so dude ,it is the learning period of you life, which makes you learn to judge others, whose your or whose not ,who is fair weather and who is all weather .But obviously we all are human beings and it is quite natural to be sad in bad times but at least we should control our emotions cuz either our emotions will flow in tears or either we would move towards the wrong direction.The better option is let your tears flow.But taking the wrong step will destroy or dilapidate you completely.During difficult situation keep your self away from useless stuffs.....and try to learn sometime new, grab something new,groom yourself.......make your mind more innovative or creative, explore your hidden identity and talent too.In this situation i strongly prefer meditation which energizes you completely, keep your mind cool and peaceful and i also believe in God cuz whatever he does is best for us so believe in Him wait for the right time . Tell the world where you stand and where they stand.And i am sure that is gonna help you out to over come the situation and One day your identity will come out like a rising sun.So the moral of the story is don't be so happy and don't be so sad better to face the reality and explore your self.Well along with this message i am pushing off till then bye take good care of your self your family ,friends and pets.Miss me cuz i always miss you and love me cuz ma love is always there with you i love you all .Have a beautiful night and sleep tight ,may all your dreams come true.................

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