Friday, December 4, 2009

"Time Tells Everything"

Helio everyone how you people doing cool no?Well i hope so ,anyways
today i thought something and you know what i thought ?Time is so wonderful no ,cuz it tells us everything as the time runs and the day passes our life keeps changing it takes one turn to another in the form of phase along with it we experience something new.Sometimes this experience comes with a positive change or sometimes with negative.But whatever we get whether good or bad makes us prepare for the next action.And that's why we cannot predict anything what is going to happen next.cuz time tells everything.
It also happened with you when you thought must be something and something else happened.If i tell about ma self so darling friends everytime it happens with me ,that's why i believe in time.See i give you the best example of ma life i had a very special friend we both used to be more than best friends for eachother, even shared everything too.I was very happy to have such a amazing friend in ma life for whom i could even die cuz i used to consider him as ma ideal(A perfect role model ) for his down to earth nature and serving attitude towards everyone very calm and compose he was that's why i truly respected him by heart .once he promised me not to hurt me in ma entire life ,and you wont believe after one month of his promise, due to some reasons i misbehaved with him i lost ma temper and when i realized ma fault i apologized many times but he didn't respond me i thought that i was wrong i hurt him ,and kept on blaming ma self to loose such a bestfriend.Every day i used to regret for ma mistake .................and ma life became more than a hell you can say i was lost completely.But one day through a well wisher i came to know the real fact,and the fact was he never considered me as his best friend.It was all fake the promises he had with me was just a bullshit that's it, for him there was no value of ma tears even he made fun of ma emotions.That time i decided not to make any more new friend in ma life and wont cry for anyone specially for those who plays with relation and emotions,i made ma self very strong and started concentrating on ma career ma now ma life has come back on the right track.So that was a new turn and phase of ma life which had given me new expereince to know the people and lesson of not to trust anybody too earlier without knowing him or her completely.Someone said the truth -"Time is very powerful" "समय बड़ा बलवान है "That's why we shouldn't be sure with the present condition and shouldn't give our last decision rather wait for the right time cuz time tells everything.
So with this expereince and message i am pushing off till then bye take good care of your self your family ,friends and pets.Miss me cuz i always miss you and love me cuz ma love is always there with you i love you all .Have a beautiful night and sleep tight ,may all your dreams come true.................

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