Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Nothing is Impossible"

A very warm hiiiiiiiiiiii to all ma sweet darling buddies how are you today?????????sorry dear chums for getting absent 2 days,cuz of some reasons .
Anyways today lets talk something good and sensible well the thing that i wanna tell you is definitely funny and may be you will be surprised after knowing it but this is a fact that 1year back i didn't know how to use internet or internet browsing can say, i feel its more appropriate to say this,i wasn't have ma own mail id ..........................even i wasn't aware about Google,how funny .And today i am writing my own blog and now i try to explore many things through internet or you can say now i am simply used to internet ,ma most of the time spends in internet surfing.I try to explore it more and more now i am far ahead of ma those friends who you used to be considered as the maestro in internet.And you know what ?The whole credit goes to my determination dedication and practice.
I remember the time when my friends used to talk about orkut n all so i would stand like miss unaware because neither i was aware about social network nor Google which is the biggest search engine.Not even this i also didn't know how to send mail ,seriously this was the biggest embarrassing situation from which i was going through.In this competitive scenario where everyone is moving ahead,where the world is taking place towards globalization,there i aint any single knowledge about internet.Sometimes i used to take my friends to the cybercafe after all i was Miss unaware.

This was only the thing which made me feel bad somewhere and i had to rely on my friends for my project work cuz most of the matter or project stuffs they brought from internet.And the main thing was,i never used to feel comfortable going to internet cafes cuz of there atmosphere,that's why i aint tried myself to learn internet browsing and that's why somewhere i was legging behind others.

After my graduation during ma job same problem came up several times. Finally i decided to get the internet connection at home.So i did the same,it was the day when i got a sign of relief and you know what after getting the internet connection at first i went through the google like how does it work.its main role each and every information i searched about it and then i created my mail id and at last i became the part of a social network obviously orkut.i felt so good that time even no words for this.hahahahahaha and as the days passed i got a good command over internet,

Everyday i learn something new through internet and literally it is a boon for us in the time of globalization.Well the thing which i realized is, nothing is impossible in this world cuz impossible itself a word which stands for i am possible if we think something is tough to learn then we could never make it but if something is tough to learn and we think that we will make it then no matter how difficult it is but we would definitely hit the bulls eye,the only need is our determination , dedication and never say die attitude these things make the impossible thing possible.There is an old saying.....

"Life is a game of chess and challenge is at every move"so accept challenges ,face it and you see one day your dream will come true.cuz practice makes us perfect.

Well well well i have said enough today but this is not the end there is alot to talk about but i have to push off cuz early to bad and early to rise righto? So will catch you tommorow with a flare of joy till then bye take good care of your self your family ,friends and pets.Miss me cuz i always miss you and love me cuz ma love is always there with you i love you all .Have a beautiful night and sleep tight ,may all your dreams come true.................

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