Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Axes and Knives flash like a however harsh words always in stay.

A very warm hi to all my darling friends so how was your day?Anything new hmmmmmmmmmm from your side .Well everything is new and special everyday for me cuz i have a lot more stuffs to talk about after all i am a big chatter box righto?oh yeah i am always right hehehehehe.
Anyways today i wanna tell you ,something which is somewhere related to ma life, even to your life also , hey did it ever happened with you when you had some hot talk with your friend and he/she said something wrong that really hurt you and pinched you deep inside your heart. Though it was unintentional but you felt bad about it right?Even after realizing, your friend also apologized but still somewhere it had taken place in your heart and you couldn't forget.Sometimes it also happened with your friend too when you said something wrong and he/she was hurt.
Well i have faced the same situation when i and ma friend said something wrong to eachother during our argument and we both were hurt badly , that's a another fact of life we share very good rapo with our friend no matter how much we fight but sometimes when we say something wrong to our chum then that thing hurt both, a friend who said that and one who heard cuz we never want or try to hurt our best friends in any condition and whatever the circumstances are, but it happens cuz we loose our self control over anger or temper,that's why we say such things without thinking of other,that how much he/she would hurt after listening those unexpected bullshit things from our side.
Lets take a recent example I and my friend Rahul are like bossom friends most of the time we fight but on other hand we easily reconcile and become as before.But few days back first time we fought this much badly that i lost ma temper and said such a harsh sentence without thinking about his feelings and reaction.The sentence was -i really do not trust you cuz you are something else inside and show something else outside,and words like you are mysterious,secretive bla bla bla.This was really painful i was so hurt and i felt bad cuz i hurt him badly.But ultimately i realized ma fault cuz under any circumstances i shouldn't have lost ma temper and used such words ,before saying that i should have thought at least once so i aint. Yeah we are still friends as before but somewhere he thinks about those things which i had said ,as he knows i really didn't mean to.But from this incidence i realized one thing no matter whatever the situation is but we should think atleast once before saying cuz we may hurt those who are very close to us or sometimes cuz of this we could loose them too.Because.............................
"Axes and Knives flash like a day however harsh words always in stay".........
Anyways with this message i am going to sleep and you should also but will come tomorrow with the flare till then bye take good care of your self your family ,friends and pets.Miss me cuz i always miss you and love me cuz ma love is always there with you i love you all .Have a beautiful night and sleep tight ,may all your dreams come true.................

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