Friday, January 1, 2010

"When the desire is then the result is propotionate to desire"

A veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy biggo hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to all ma sweetheart lubby dubby FRIENDS oophs sorry i forgot to say one thing hmmmmmmmmmmmm oh ya wishing you "A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR"to all ma cute lovely darling buddies i know i know you all must be so tired no cuz of last night party ?haan oh ya i know but i am not tired cuz coz coz i didn't go anywhere.......yeapieeeeeeeeeeee hehehehehe .....i spent whole day with mum coz she also took leave for me it was such a great time that i had spent her.
But today was such a awesome day for me coz i had a words with a friend of mine with whom i had some hot talks, since so long we were not in touch ya ya ya ya ya ya i know now the question has arisen from your side and that is- why i always fight with ma friends? so one thing i would like to say - fight is the part of life and patch up with differences is the art of life .keeping your ego aside to build up a strong bond with your best deserving buddies is the wonderful thing that you ever do in your life.So i did the same and believe me i am feeling so good inside,my new year has started with a good hit ,now no regrets ,no grudges ,no fights ,no misunderstandings and last but not the least no more ego clashes in short you can say this is which i really wanted in ma life and One of ma Gyaan Guru Mr.Irfan Khan has delivered a very beautiful line in morning-when the desire is then the result is proportionate to desire. And according to me when you desire for something and your feelings are genuine then dude you can simply make the impossible things possible .
Anyways i have taken a new year resolution that i won't hurt any one by any chance and try to control ma temper coz that is the only thing which affects me in many ways whether in professional terms or in personal.Besides i would never stop ma self to disclose anything to you like like like secrets ,some spicy and goodie goodie news blah blah blah.......... heheheheh.
so these are ma resolutions hope i would stick to it.
One more thing which i have forgotten to say not to you ,to a friend,well i wont disclose his name and i also know he wouldn't read this statement cuz he is not aware with ma blog but i would definitely say....
-(Yaar i am really sorry if i hurt you by any chance ,as i never tried to intentionally. Circumstances were made and you know what i mean ,as i said that i have broken my friendship with you but the another fact is you have the same respective place in ma heart as you used to have previously ,now your ex-special friend shraddha has become mature enough to understand the things and i felt so good coz i have patched up with ma another friend best Chetan and now the ratio of true friends is high but my heart says it is incomplete without yo
u some where.I have ma best friends -Rahul,Chetan,Swati,Deepa but only you are missing ,i re ally dont know what you think about me good or bad but i consider you as ma special buddy till now..........i wanna talk to you and once again clear all misunderstandings from A to Z which were c reated, but the only thing which stops me is your attitude and ego that always cross , as you know very well, just to had words with you i kept ma ego aside even knowing the fact that you w ouldn't talk to me ever, so can't you do this for me,i know you don't consider me as your friend now and its simply useless to express ma feelings,but i said what i wanted to say and you know what, after knowing so many things about you this and that by many people who are close to me though i ended our friendship coz of the those stuffs and also said wrong to you -But still ma heart and soul say that you are a very good human being and that's why i still respect you for your those good deeds buddy nevertheless you will be always ma friend.I always pray for you as i pray for ma best and close ones.So may God bless you may all your dreams come true,you will live upto your mum dad and sis expectations and this year you will get whatever you desire.)
Hey sweetheart buddies i have said what i wanted to say to him and i am 100% sure that he wont read this,thats why i said this hehehehehehe This is the way i am coz i always do unexpected things beyond limits hahahahahaha but ya it has its own charm .Well there is lot more stuff to share with you asusal but what to do if i am feeling sleepy,i wanna go to ma bed like a good girl and sleep tight which is a basic human need and you would be happy after knowing the fact that i am also behaving like a human being now a days hahahahaha
so with a sweet cute baby smile shraddha is signing off till then bye take good care of your self your family ,friends and pets.Miss me cuz i always miss you and love me cuz ma love is always there with you i love you all .Have a beautiful night and sleep tight ,may all your dreams come true.................

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