Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh ya!!!! "I am just impossible"

A very coolest hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to all ma sweetheart chums hey whats up ?cool no?Yaar you know what since last night i am not well the reason is the weather change now the winter is on peak and i cannot tolerate this much cold.And the major prob is ma back ache which is simply intolerable i was writhed in ache whole night that's why i couldn't catch you guys last night,any ways
As i have taken some new year resolutions i.e i wont hurt any one ,i will try to control ma temper and blah blah blah so among these resolutions, one is something very hard to follow- controlling temper coz it seems to be impossible ...................Sometimes i feel there is some last birth relation between me and Raghu ,we both are short tempered but we show our temper when things go wrong.Otherwise we are the coolest two's .hahahahhahahaha.
Well life is so wonderful the only need is to feel and experience it right ?i mean next time we will discuss about it yupppppppp.........well i wanna talk to you guys more but what to do,i am feeling just not well.So will catch you later............. with a sweet cute baby smile shraddha is signing off till then bye take good care of your self your family ,friends and pets.Miss me cuz i always miss you and love me cuz ma love is always there with you i love you all .Have a beautiful night and sleep tight ,may all your dreams come true.................

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  1. Happy New Year's this 11th and 12 days and all remains!!